WordPress Alternatives

WordPress Alternatives: (Other CMS) If You Don’t Like WP

WordPress Alternatives

In this post,

i’m going to share to you some best CMS (content management system) which is competitors of WordPress.

You should build our website in this WordPress alternatives platform.

WordPress Alternatives

I know WordPress is amazing and no one cms can beat it because of ratings and popularity but these those mentioned has millions of active users too.

Learn what is features of this all CMS and why that is – wordpress alternatives ?

1. Joomla

WordPress Alternatives

This is the free cms which enable you to build your website/blog/landing pages on joomla, you can also self-host it into your blog or website, Joomla has nice core features and around 2 Million active CMS users. joomla offers great opportunity to build and grow more online business .

Good things about joomla

  • Easy Customization
  • Search Engine Optimization Friendly
  • Free CMS (Open Source)
  • Updated Versions (High Security)
  • Awesome Designs (themes)
  • Free Support (community)

Download Now

If you want to host joomla in your website, you should direct download here otherwise cpanel (softaculous) apps has joomla too. you should install it to using your hosting services under – Cpanel > softaculous apps > cms > joomla.

Competitor of WordPress so it would be good – WordPress Alternatives

2. Wix

wix .png

This is the free cms for small business or personal websites/blog. but if you wanted to add or connect wix into your website then you have to go for premium monthly plans. there is so many options for which you should go, recently wix has enabled new functions like – SSL, CRM, Automated emails and few more things which will helping us to increase online businesses.

Best Things About Wix –

  • Custom Modifications
  • Free for small business or personal site
  •  SEO Optimization
  • CRM Management
  • Automated Mails

Wanted to connect your website to wix ? just go at wix.com singup your account create blog in free or otherwise you should connect it to wix but only (premium plans)

Now Wix is growing so far so it is the best – WordPress Alternative

3. Modx


Modx is the powerful cms with the speed and user friendly. the main thing is modx offering everything totally free, you should build powerful and fast website to using modx. recently they updated cms (security, new functions, and more), modx has million of users, vulnerability free, fast installation and super easy management.

Best About Modx –

  • Fastest Speed
  • User Friendly
  • Fully Free
  • Very Secure
  • Custom Development
  • Hack Recovery (DB)

Download Now

It’s nice when it comes to go for wordpress alternatives however you should download it directly otherwise install it to using your hosting go to  Cpanel > softaculous apps > cms > modx.

Modx belongs to the same category – WordPress Alternatives

4. Dolphin

boonex dolphin

You ever had a thought to build a website for users where they are able to do chat privately and live video chat in free on your website so don’t worry, it will give you the extract same thing this CMS is really dope and my favorite. it will get you everything in free and dolphin has really amazing themes, design and mostly management.

Build your own social network in free of cost

Best About Dolphin –

  • Totally Free
  • Amazing Management
  • 100+ functions
  • Live Video Chat Option
  • Online Music option
  • Groups
  • Chats
  • Blog site
  • And More.

Download Now  

You should directly install it to your hosting services go to Cpanel > softaculous apps > social networks > Dolphin.

5. concrete5


When it comes to management and wordpress alternative concrete5 is the best option, super fast ultimate designs, blog commenting and so many integrated options are available. mobile friendly interface, secure and flexible. recently they integrated seo options to boost website traffic and online businesses. good wordpress alternate option is concrete5

What is the best things in Concrete5

  • Custom Modifications
  • Beautiful and Responsive Design
  • Marketing Tools (form, singup and more)
  • Blog Management
  • Access Control
  • Social media and search engine optimization
  • And More.

Download Now

Wanna to install it ? you should install it directly to download from here. otherwise go to your hosting services than Cpanel > softaculous apps > Portals CMS > Concrete 5.

WordPress Alternatives

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WordPress Alternatives

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