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Create Any Kind Of Website In Free: Under 1 Minute

Website Building You know what?

I’m spending my 8 hours in internet and i’m always searching for different-different websites to make them own.

And recently i found some amazing things which offering us to make any kind of website in free, you should sell it to build or use for marketing, blogging, movies any purposes.

Let’s Start….. Website Building

What is Website

What is Website

In simple words – website is a “copy” and web pages is “chapters”, chapter are the part of the copy and copy denote by the “name” so name would be “domain” a complete book or copy is the website.

Where we reading, streaming, selling doing anything depend on niche.

You should create website in free or paid depend on us. if you are going for free so there will be some limitations or going with paid so almost thing would be free both has their own plans and limitations.

Some Best Website Building Categories Which You Should Create Here

This mentioned categories will be get you free opportunity to create free website and you will gonna learn in this post how to create these kind of websites in free ?

  • Blogs
  • Micro Blogs
  • Portals/Cms
  • Image Galleries
  • Wikis
  • Social Network
  • Ad Management
  • Mails
  • Gaming
  • Tracking (analytics) and polls
  • E-commerce
  • Music
  • Video
  • File Management
  • Frameworks
  • Customer supports

And you know what, what is the easiest thing of this? this all kind of websites you should in under 1 minute.

Requirement to create a blog or website

Requirement to create a blog or website

Domain – you need a website name registered.

Hosting where you should host your website data and files.

Selection Of Niche (purpose)

If you are creating website or blog here is niches-

  • Recipes
  • Politics
  • Global warming
  • Parenthood
  • Beginner’s guides to anything!
  • Overcoming adversity or illness
  • Life experiences
  • Products or service reviews
  • Family
  • Gaming
  • Travel experiences
  • Educational
  • Charity
  • Activism
  • Music
  • Celebrities
  • Personal Stories
  • Jokes and Humor
  • Myths
  • History
  • Sports
  • marketing
  • SEO
  • Video
  • personal

Some Knowledge – about cpanel and database.

If you know and you have ready this all things then you should create any kind of website or blog in just 1 minute.

Keep in mind if you are creating a blog than only go for listed one

Blogging Platfoams

How To Create Any Website In Free Under 1 Minute

Website building

These is really super easiest step to building website in under a minute but first decide what you want – a blog or a website.

So if you have decided than do follow my this steps for Website Building

Open You Website Hosting Services

Hosting services where you have hosted your website, if you have not bought yet than here you should get hosting in affordable prices.

website hosting login


Open Your Services or client area

client area

This section are available in all hosting services websites.

Open your website to services

website in hosting services

Open your active plan now….

Login to Cpanel (find in sidebar)

login to cpanel


Search “Softaculous apps” Or Go Below

Softaculous apps

Open it..

Website Building

website building

Here you should find almost 500+ website building scripts

So many platforms and niches

If you want to create a blog than – WordPress (strongly recommend)

If you are looking to create a e-commerce website than – mangento and opencart (recommend)

Cms/portal than – joomla and drupal

and there is so many things depend on your work and goals.

so how to install any script in website.

Suppose if i want to create e-commerce website 

how to create ecommerce website

Here is almost 20 E-commerce self-hosted cms or websites.


How to create e-commerce website in free

i would like to create e-commerce website like open cart

open cart

What is opencart

OpenCart is an open source PHP-based online shopping cart system. A robust e-commerce solution for Internet merchants with the ability to create their own online business and participate in e-commerce at a minimal cost.

OpenCart is designed feature rich, easy to use, search engine friendly and with a visually appealing interface.

Space Required
Required Space : 48.66 MB

Now click on > Install Now

Fill Details

in every website script installation this fields are mandatory to fill

mandatory fields

Choose protocol – always go with “https://” OR “https://www.”

Choose Domain – select your domain where you want to install

In Directory – suppose if  I’ve website name “” and i want to install wordpress in “” so if you want to install opencart or any script in any directory (folder) so fill there.

Data Directory – write a folder name (it will create automatically) than your cart data will be stored in this filled folder (directory).

Now.. fill these fields as you wanted to set

fill details

Store name, description, owner name, address and than admin username, password, email, name.



After filling those details click on “install

Now it is installed

installed website

Have a look once-

OpenCart has been successfully installed

Looks good!

You should create any type of website in free as i said there is almost 500 websites building scripts.

Same process you have to follow for any website building or installation.


  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Mangento
  • Next cloud

so many things in under 1 minute!

Website Building

How To Uninstall Website And Remove Database

If you have build website using this process than you should delete (remove) or uninstall website in one click like installation.

Very easy just open “softaculous apps”

Now look at top section and go to > “All Installations”

softaculous uninstallation

Now you can see installed websites Like this-

uninstall website

Click on “Cross icon” to uninstall and yes “database will be removed too” if you don’t want to remove database so first take backup than uninstall it.

Hope this post is helpful for you.

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