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10 Best Torrent Search Engines 2022 – 100% Working

torrent search engine here is both search engine one which are offering legal things and 2nd where you should search both things pirated content like: latest movies, crack software’s, games (all unauthorized content).

However, In this post you will gonna know about best torrent search engine’s where you should download anything, without any login or signup and free of cost easily. also I will provide torrent search proxy and unblock access (if any torrent search engine are banned from ISP or google).

What is Torrent Search Engine

Torrent search engine is where you should find every kind of content like: pirated, nulled, unauthorized, illegal, legal too. there is so many torrent search engine which is free of cost and few is banned by ISP of almost countries, today you will gonna know about torrent search engines and what are those and how to access them.

What Can I Find In Torrent Search ?

  • Latest Movies
  • Old Movies
  • Crack software
  • Unauthorized copyright content
  • Premium games for free
  • Adult movies

Note: I’m not the part of any torrent, just sharing post because ton’s of people searching for torrent search engines, hope you may like it!

1. Torrentz2


Torrentz2 is the meta search engine of torrents for download any movies, games, software is free (crack, patched, nulled) and all, There are so many torrent sites, but torrentz2 was the viral site in the world. But at the torrentz2 there were 24 Million monthly visitors that’s why it is trendy. It’s not legal but only when the item is copyrighted, and you don’t own and (you’re downloading it in free) but using a torrent client and downloading torrents in itself isn’t illegal.

Here you should download anything for free as I said!


  • Free of cost
  • Fast server
  • No ads
  • Play pause system

2. KickAss Torrents

torrent search

KickAss is the torrent search engine it was established in 2008. The second most popular torrent website was thepiratebay (according to TorrentFreak). Government blocking all torrent sites because of illegal. Torrents were getting access to download Nulled applications without a license (it is unlawful), games they uploading movies before release date (it’s a crime) this is the reason you are not allowed to access it and government banning their proxies and servers. Just use it to download any critical files, apps. (we do not recommend torrent because it’s illegal), you may check out the kickass page for access it!

There is no need for any login or signup


  • Mobile friendly
  • Fast
  • Interface is nice
  • Free of cost

3. The Pirate Bay


PirateBay is known as the biggest and largest bit-torrent indexing website. It is most famous and oldest torrent website used mostly in the USA (united states America). Almost 5.3 Million people visiting into the pirates bay, and they all were belongs from the USA. It was launched in year 2003 by Swedish. It is a torrent website made to download files, games, application, movies and so many things without any license. I know, you’ll say, it’s illegal. That is the reason why government has banned it. It was found in 2003 and it also known as TBP.

King of torrent


  • Super fast
  • Nice interface
  • Free of cost
  • Daily updates
  • Everything available

4. Extratorrents

torrent search engine

Extratorrents was during a most significant torrent system. It was launched to provide user-friendly result for his/her search. Extratorrent produces 3.7 Million visitors monthly because of their work. You should easily download any game, software, movie, episode (i.e., set of thrones furthermore more). Extratorrents is the high-quality torrent site you should download easily high-quality movies in free of cost. If you want to access extra torrents directly to visit here in given proxies, it can automatically connect you with extra torrents main website. Hope you like the direct access here in on click!

Vintage torrent, still good one


  • Working well
  • Free of cost
  • Fast like others

5. 1337x


Best and top rated digital torrent website for downloading every latest movies, games, software in free of cost without any login and registration process, learn every single thing about 1337x and how to access it using proxy in just one click.

1337x is stand for “leet”, which is hacker’s speech for elite. 1337 x is a torrent website which provides directory of torrent files and magnet links and it used for peer-to-peer (p2p) sharing through the bit-torrent protocol. Simply 1337 x is a torrent website same like pirate bay, extra torrents and others. you should access it without any login or registration in free of cost, it offering us to search movies, games, software and download it for free, download options is torrent download or magnet download, you should use any one. 1337 looks really amazing to other torrents and it’s really amazing website you should find any thing pirated which are premium.

Best one and top rated, digital torrent


  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Super fast
  • look is amazing
  • Always trending
  • Daily updates

6. TorrentSeeker


TorrentSeeker is also a robust torrent search engine that uses custom Google Search to scrape torrents from over 105 torrent sites; most time results come from rarbg. It’s simple to use interface make the torrent search process more accessible than ever. This is mobile friendly too. However, the exceptional look and feel are only limited to the homepage. The results page isn’t that pleasing. Anyway, it does what it does, its job of finding the torrents users want. If you got results from rarbg torrents so use VPN for access it (highly recommend).

Working pretty well via API


  • Working fast
  • Mobile friendly
  • Simple search box
  • So many searches with accurate result

7. veoble

veoble torrent

This black-colored website is also ranked among the powerful torrent search engine sites that you’ll find on the web. It’s quickly gaining popularity among the users because of best services. It using the custom Google Search, you can also find your result using particular website sort available options:
ExtraTorrent, IsoHunt, ThePirateBay, RarBg, GlowGaze, YiFi, 1337x, TorLock. however, Veoble provides torrent search and image search options to the users. this is free of cost torrent search for public (everybody) there is no need to signup or login, one more thing you can also sort search using language!

It’s really amazing, working nice!


  • Fast
  • Custom search option
  • Sort by
  • Mobile friendly

8. xtorx


Xtorx is very lovely when it comes to finding various option from the torrent; you may really like this site. Personally, I would like to recommend it if you want to search for anything in torrent. It has so many features, it may take just 2-5 seconds to get you proper search result from so many torrent sites. Absolute this is same as others and free of cost no essential for any registration or login. I hope you like it!

Best torrent search engine


  • Very fast to others
  • So many results
  • Very friendly
  • All kind of search result

9. YTSag


This is best torrent search engine, you can find trending things at homepage, it has so many features like: search, categories, sort by, login, registration. yts is special for stream movies and television shows. you may like it, this is free of cost, you can also change the definition of movies 360P, 480P, 480P, 1080P HD is also available. YTS updating daily latest movies!

Only for movies


  • You can sort movies
  • Popular movies
  • Fast server

Alexa Rankings And Domains
NamesRanking (Global)
Torrentz2 106504
KickAss Torrents11353
The Pirate Bay230
Official Domains

Conclusion: in this post, we have shared everything about best torrent search engine, which is free of cost, also we have shared their specialty and work. in case if you are facing any issue which using them please use VPN (highly recommend). hope you like this post. Note: we are not the part of any torrent, just sharing for knowledge and for torrent users!

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