How to Beat Top Ranked Competitor in SEO

SEO Guide: How To Do SEO – Step By Step 2019

In the year 2016 I started this blog and i have remember that i wrote this post 1st time and you know what I learned SEO (search engine optimization) practices from neil patel and backlinko blog and they both were ranked for keyword SEO top at the google and than I thought if they can rank why not I’m?

Here is what I did than.

I started writing content for keyword – SEO Guide and you know what in the next 2 months I got ranked for terms SEO Guide at the 2nd position. To be honest I beat the backlinko and neil patel’s blog post and that was the amazing time for me. And I started learning everything deeply in search engine optimization industry.

These SEO questions you have in mind but not sure about answers?

  • How much time in I’ll rank at the google top?
  • Without backlinks can I rank at the google?
  • Should I buy backlinks to rank quickly?

I personally thought these questions in the mind and I think almost people may thinking this too. Here is the answers of this SEO related questions

How much time in I’ll rank at the google top?

The best answer is that’s not mandatory you always get rank why? What if your website is related to pharmacy and you are sharing there search engine optimization, and you have written a killer/longer piece of content which is covering every single thing related to search engine optimization, but you are not ranking for it? Google has the AI+ML (Artificial Intelligence and machine learning) technology which testing (crawling) our web page daily and giving rank through this measurement – they pick the “Niche” of our site what topic and website niche matches to each other? If no then you’ll never be ranked for it.

So now time doesn’t matter in this case, I mean to say that your website and content belong to each other. Usually, as I branded websites or professional blogs ranking in a week even a new blog takes some 3-6 months (90-180) days some time more. And if we talk about a regular blog which is posting and updating their content every day so It can be ranked between 30-60 days.

Without backlinks can I rank at the google?

The one thing I let you know if you can rank at the google top without any backlinks. That’s easily possible If your content has valuable data and users is interested in learning your content than others than probably you will get the top rank at the google. Only backlinks are not mattered if you are getting tons of visitors through social media (organically) or from paid advertising and they are sharing your content in high numbers than they are giving this signal to the google and when Google can measure your web-page and find out the shares, CTR (click through rate) than probably it can give you higher rank without having any backlink. Your web-page must have valuable content and higher click-through rate from traffic source than you can easily beat any competitor and ranked at the top of the google without backlinks.

Should I buy backlinks to rank quickly?

When I started this blog, It was the first thing that I thought, and I was thinking that buying backlinks is the investment in search engine optimization I did not know that are the blackhat SEO techniques which is illegal (bad practices) to google view. However, 1st time I bought backlinks from the Fiverr and they all got indexed in a few months but my website ranking was, and suddenly I hit by the Google algorithm. I found that almost backlinks were No-follow which hurting to the rankings. Google is sharp to understanding backlinks quality. If a website is getting high numbers in backlinks which are no-follow and coming only at the particular web-page than google hitting our website from their algorithms. So buying the backlinks is terrible SEO practices (you create yourself).

Let’s start SEO Guide

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s the process of increasing a website’s visibility on the unpaid results of a search engine.

This increase is normally referred to as organic, earned, or natural.

What’s so great about SEO?

When a webpage follows some basic SEO guidelines and strategies, that page has a better chance of actually ranking on search engine results.

But what are the best practices?

What are some of the SEO mistakes that can take your website from amazing platform to Google-hated content?

Wanna find out?

Let’s go!

Seo Guide 2019

Most Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid For SEO

seo full guide 2018

Here’s a list of SEO mistakes to avoid:

  • Duplicate Content
  • Low-quality Backlinks
  • Lack of a Mobile-friendly Website
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • No Social Media Sharing Icons
  • Broken Links

Read and pay attention to each of these specific common mistakes you must kill when optimizing your website!

SEO Best Practices Which You Have To Follow

seo guide 2019

seo full guide 2018

Learn and understand every single thing!

Your title tag

seo full guide 2018

What is title tag ? 

The title tag is an HTML title element critical to both SEO and user experience that is used to briefly and accurately describes the topic and theme of an online document. The title tag is displayed in two key places: Internet Browser – Title Tags display in the top bar of internet browsers.

Permalink keywords

seo full guide 2018

What is Permalink keywords

Before we go too deep into WordPress permalinks, it’s essential that we define what is an SEO Friendly URL. SEO Friendly URLs contain keywords that explain the article, and they’re easy to read by both humans and search engines. They also improve your chances to rank higher in search engines.

ALT text for images

seo full guide 2018

what is ALT text for images

Alt text or alternate text is an attribute added to an image tag in HTML. This text appears inside the image container when the image can not be displayed. It helps search engines understand what an image is about. Alternate text is also beneficial in case images on a page cannot be found.

H1, H2, and H3 tags

seo full guide 2018

what is H1, H2, and H3 tags

The h1 tag should contain your targeted keywords, ones that closely relate to the page title and are relevant to your content. The h2 tag is a subheading and should include similar keywords to your h1 tag. Your h3 is then a subheading for your h2 and so on.

Targeting keywords in tags

seo full guide 2018

what is target keywords

When you optimize your website, you are optimizing for target keywords. This means creating a list of specific words and phrases which you know people are searching for, and making sure that when these keywords are searched for your site will be in the result pages.

Add your target keyword in image alt 

seo full guide 2018

Target keyword in image alt

when you should add an image in your post and page, you have need to add their keyword in alt text

Add your keyword in description

seo full guide 2018

keyword in description

when you should add your post description then you have need to focus your keyword in description

Webmaster tools and guide

seo full guide 2018
  • add your website in google webmasters
  • Use Bing webmaster tools
  • add your website in yandex webmasters
  • fetch your website in google,bing,yandex.

know here how you should fetch your website with webmaster tools Read now.

the most thing is quality and authority of content that is most important factors to work on. Seo full Guide 2019

SEO Tools For Ranking Higher In Google

seo full guide 2018

webiste testing tools can play main role in seo, because it will be define how your website take load.

what that is seo friendly or not ?

Neil patel has integrated this tool in their website. It can help you to find your website SEO structure and help you to improve On page optimization (that’s good).

seo fll guide 2018 trafficsolder

check your website seo 

What your website page is mobile friendly or not ?

This tool is built by google anybody can use it check the website “mobile responsive” and figuring out many more insights to make it more faster and user friendly.

seo full guide 2018

What your keyword is long tail or not 

This tool can help you to find best keyword with showing competitive data like: difficulty, SERP and many more which can probably help you to choose a perfect keyword.

seo full guide 2018

what your website is fast or not ?

Google has built mobile speed checker tool it’s free of cost and open-source anybody can easily check the insights (speed metrics) of their website and figuring the reason of web-page slower experience. This is the AI based tool so first it can scan (crawl) the page to figuring out web-page cache, images, JS and more data than it can decide the speed of your website.

seo full guide 2018

This all things do matter in seo, because google need’s fresh and good quality content,website,and pages.

Free Meta Tag Generator

seo full guide 2018

Meta tags are HTML tag content that provide metadata about your website such as description. These tags are used by search engines to help index and to provide relevant content in their search results

Meta tag generator

Search Engine Optimization Technical Tools

Free Keyword Generator

seo full guide 2018

The Free Keyword Generator will take a blurb of content and identify your most relevant keywords. You can use these keywords in your keywords meta tag or search engine competition planning.

Free Keyword generator tool

seo guide 2019

Free Ping Tester

seo full guide 2018

The Free Ping Tester will ping your website to determine if there is a response (that it is active) and the length of time of the response.

free website ping tool 

Free Broken Link Checker

seo full guide 2018

The Free Broken Link checker checks all the links on your page to ensure that they resolve a page. Having broken links on your website can affect your search engine rankings as well as experience to users so is a good idea to check and fix. seo full guide 2018

Broken link checker tool

Free robots.txt File Generator

Robots.txt is a file that can be placed in the root folder of your website to help search engines index your site more appropriately. Search engines such as Google use website crawlers, or robots that review all the content on your website. There may be parts of your website that you do not want them to crawl to include in user search results, such as admin page. You can add these pages to the file to be explicitly ignored. Robots.txt files use something called the Robots Exclusion Protocol. This website will quickly generate the file for you with inputs of pages to be excluded.

Robots.txt generator

This all tools can help you to create fully seo optimized website.

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