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Send Free SMS online 100% Working 2019

send free sms online

With the advancement of technology, SMS era is faded. There used to be a time when people chats day and night using SMS with each other. SMS was a revolutionary change happened once. But still, people search for free SMS websites or applications to send free SMS online.

I am here to let you know the websites and applications through which you can send free SMS to anyone and make free calls as well.

Send free SMS online
Send free SMS online

List of websites to Send Free SMS online


Way2SMS is India’s largest messaging platform with over 50 Million users in their database. With Way2SMS, You can send free SMS to anyone across India. Now, Way2SMS also features Business plans and promotion plans. With Business plan, you can do SMS marketing and with Promotion plan, you can promote your product with Way2SMS existing customers.

Features with free account: 

  • Send 10 messages per day free forever
  • No Custom Sender. Sender will always be ( XX- WAYSMS)
  • Limited group SMSin
  • Free SMS in 9 local languages now
  • SMS character limit is 140 characters


With AFreeSMS, you can send free SMS online to anyone over the world. The message will goes from VM-XXXXXX, Where X is a digit. You just need to open the website, Click on Send Free SMS and enter the country code, mobile number, message and verification code and submit. There is no need to register to this website.


  • Send SMS without registration
  • Sender’s mobile number will be hidden
  • The character limit is 160 characters


160by2 is one of the leading SMS sending site in India.  They have also developed browser extension, using which the users can now share any page via free SMS – right from their browser. You simply need to register to their website and then you can send messages to anyone across India.


  • Send group SMS to your contacts
  • Send SMS from the SMS collection of 160by2
  • Set alerts to schedule SMS
  • Add emoji’s to your text message
  • The character limit is 140 characters


Freesms8 is absolutely free SMS sending online site. They follow proper rules to send SMS to anyone. The message sent from them doesn’t hide Sender ID i.e. your registered mobile number is always shown at top of your message.


  • Send quick message to anyone
  • Group SMS service
  • Schedule SMS service
  • Send SMS from SMS collection
  • Check SMS history
  • Services like Chats, Games, Polls, Movies, Sell/Buy Mobiles are also available

You can also Send Free SMS online and Free Calling with android applications.

Applications to Send Free SMS online and to make Free Calls


TextFun is a free SMS sending application. You can make free call & SMS, Send SMS message all in one app with TextFun. Make low-rate international calls, directly make free call to a real phone number, even if your contact don’t have TextFun. You can earn credits from ads and make call with those credits.

Free Call

With Free Call – International Global Phone Calling App, you can make free calls to anyone. The caller ID will be the mobile number you register with. With Signup, you will get 1000 credits. The credits will help you to make calls. You can earn credits by watching ads and spinning the wheel in the application to make more and more calls.

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