Remove Virus to Google Chrome

3 Methods: Remove Virus to Google Chrome 2019

Google Chrome browser is totally affected to malware’s/viruses and downloading logs, sending data and doing hidden services, and main problem is popups ?

Remove Virus to Google Chrome

Virus not affecting to only browser.

They also affecting to our mobile/PC and so many things. but sometime you have saw.

Whenever you open google chrome then, A pop-up are open automatically. and some times your chrome browser doesn’t working getting error and “aw snap” and also hanging your browser and desktop too.

1 Method: Ad Blocker


You are totally frustrated to pop-ups, auto tab and auto downloading, and you are not able to remove that to your browser. ad-blocker can block all kind of malicious activities which affecting to your pc and browser. and it can also block Youtube video ads.

Download Ad Blocker For Chrome

Just visit in given link and install it into your google chrome and activate it.

2. Method: Clean Google Chrome Browser Virus

google chrome .png

This is possible only in PC and it is very easy. google will find all affecting malicious viruses to your browser and it will remove all of them in just few minutes.


  • Fast Speed
  • Fast Downloading
  • Virus Free
  • Remove virus to google chrome

Follow these process to clean up your browser’s malware/virus

1. Open google chrome

2. Go to settings

google chrome settings

click on three dots from at the top.

3. Open advance settings

Remove Virus to Google Chrome

Go below and click on “advance”

4. Go Below in Last section > reset and clean up

Remove Virus to Google Chrome

Remove Virus to Google Chrome

5. Find and remove harmful software

Chrome can find harmful software on your computer and remove it

Now it will take 3-4 minutes to check all malicious files and it will clean them.

3. Method: Malware Bytes

malware bytes

Malware bytes is free and paid both version is available.

it can block all pop-ups and also it will remove all malware’s to your PC,.

this one is best tool to keep secure your data and PC. you have need to install it in your PC only and start scanning.


  • Anti-malware
  • Virus free
  • Malicious website block
  • PC speed up

Download Malware Bytes

  • Open Malware Bytes
malware bytes scanning

start scanning your PC it will cover everything all browsers and everything.

Quarantine malware’s

Remove Virus to Google Chrome

Remove Virus to Google Chrome

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