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Content Anchor VS Blog Comment VS Forum Backlink

Popular backlink Have you ever thought what kind of backlink has more value ? and why ? In this post you will gonna know the popular backlinks and how they work’s. we are sharing the post only for knowledge and as we have experienced about Backlinks quality.

Let’s learn more deeply.

 Content Anchor Backlink

This are the most heavy and popular backlink. this is super hard to get organically, I saw so many people paying money for content anchor backlink. actually they paying money for guest post so a guest post would be the content and inside the content anchor with backlink as known as anchor backlink.

Ok so why Content anchor backlink is popular than others ?

Because it showing the value to google while google bot crawling the web page, bot undestand the link is attached because this content has value and sharing something relevant that’s why people going to link this page, so than google bot deciding to get the ranking far and high when they seem content anchor backlink.

Here is the example how a single content anchor backlink getting 5 keywords –

 Content Anchor Backlink

Here is the value of content anchor Backlink.

Help you to increase these things:

Find the guest post opportunity OR create relevant content so other sites may link to your.

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Blog Comment Backlink

Comment backlinks only helping to increase page authority and domain authority and almost blog comment backlinks are “No-Follow” so it won’t help to increase keyword ranking. so many people selling blog comment backlinks using blackhat techniques so when you are building backlinks in blog comment make sure websites has “do-follow” comment option OR website has good authority (DA and PA).

popular backlink

You can see “Shout Me Loud” has Do-follow commenting option, give the comments to those websites which has Do-follow comment box and good authority.

comment backlink

Help you to increase these things:

  • Page Authority
  • Domain Authority
  • Referring Traffic

Don’t spam other websites to doing same comments make sure your comment is for the content and you are not using  anchor in comment. use your name legally.

Forum Comment Backlink

We all know forums are for the question and answer (Q&A) example: bitcoin talks, digital forums and more. Forum Backlinks are easy to build and helping us to increase ranking, website authority and referral traffic. but so many community forums are spam with lot of Backlinks so I would like to recommend create Backlink only at those forum sites which has good authority and belongs to your niche and topic. make sure your comment is for the same topic otherwise it would be spamming.

Content Anchor VS Blog Comment VS Forum Backlink 1

You should also comments like this in the community forums OR using the anchor both is beneficial.

Help you to increase these things:

  • Website Authority
  • Referral Traffic
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Backlinks

Make sure for the forums community, to where you are commenting should be good in authority and your comment must be related to topic, provide the value in comment.

What Are Popular Backlink ?

Conclusion: However, the most popular backlinks would be content anchor backlink because they looks natural (not self made) and google understand better content anchor backlink than others. so find the guest post opportunities or create the relevant content with the low difficulty keyword so you may rank at the top easily and others may link you too. 

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