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How To Earn Money To Using Mobile (Mobile Marketing 2019)

mobile marketing

76% online earning comes to mobile.

In 2018, nowadays almost peoples using mobile and its now craze.

In this post, i’ll get you best tips to earn online money through mobile (“2019 Mobile marketing”)

What Is Mobile Marketing ?

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It is the way to earn online money to using mobile. by using various type of attracting activity to mobile user, mobile marketing provide’s customers, seller, advertiser, publisher everything related to mobile is the part of mobile marketing 

How To Earn Money using Mobile ?

mobile marketing 2018 free

There is so many different type of apps to earn money.

They all offering so many things Like: affiliate program, Download apps to complete task, earn free recharge, get free coupons, and more.

It’s hard way to earn money through apps downloading and whatever some online application offering us.

But Today i’m sharing every thing which get you leads, sales, traffic (visitor) everything from your mobile.

Push Notification

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Yet you have focused, when you keep turn off your mobile data for long time and after long time you turning on your mobile data.

You have see there you got so many notifications from: news site, blog site, UC browser, YouTube & from so many different websites.

Mobile Marketing 2018

How To Get Notification Subscribers

For this you need your own website and some traffic (website visitors)


Open Your Website WordPress Dashboard

how to install plugin in wordpress

Go Inside > Plugins > Add New

Write “onesignal” in search box

plugin install

Install and Then Click on > Activate

If you want manually Download then download and install this.

Install Plugin > Onesignal Download wordpress

Create account in OneSignal

Follow This:

onesignal push notification

Setup it, in your site and increase 2x mobile users (website visitors)

It was the best way to increase mobile visitors in website 

Mobile Marketing

What’s app Business

business whatsapp

image source :

There is so many applications to earn money Like: task bucks, Instagram business and more.

But this one is really amazing.

You Should Earn Money To What’s app Business in free of cost nothing need to invest.

i would like to highly recommend you, install What’s app Business

mobile marketing 2018

It will increase your brand awareness, business reach, & sales


  1. Join groups.
  2. Start talking with peoples.
  3. Share your business related things in groups and peoples.
  4. Share your business number to peoples in Facebook and other social media.
  5. Add automated response massage.
  6. Let them know about new things

These two is really amazing in work. I’ve both tested, both is super!

More Mobile Marketing ways are:

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