Marketing Funnel Idea’s And Strategy $550,000 Sales

6 Things I Learned From Building A Webinar

That’s Generated $550,000 In Sales

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Here i’m sharing his post because this is really killer content and you have need to learn it now….

If you’re using webinars, here are 6 things you MUST know (#3 and #6 are KILLING it for me)…


1. 80% of your success has NOTHING to do with your funnel.

marketing funnel
marketing funnel

As you know, there’s a TON of hype about funnels right now.

Everyone’s talking about “funnel hacking” and putting together these complicated nurturing sequences… almost as if it’s a race to the top to see who can build the biggest, baddest funnel.

But if there’s ONE THING I’ve learned over the past 18 months, it’s that 80% of your success with webinars has absolutely NOTHING to do with your funnel…

… and EVERYTHING to do with your ability to put the RIGHT OFFER in front of the RIGHT PERSON at the RIGHT TIME.

The key to doing this is to know your target market inside out.

And no, I’m not talking about demographics like where they live, how old they are, or what TV shows they watch.

I’m talking about figuring out what a day in the life of your prospect actually looks like.

In other words, you need to STOP thinking about your product or service… and start thinking about how you can help them solve a pain that is showing up in their lives.

Ask yourself:

– What frustrations are they experiencing on a daily basis?
– What are they afraid of?
– What keeps them awake at night?
– What are they angry about? Who are they angry at?
– What do they secretly desire most?

Personally, I never start a copywriting project without first answering these questions about the market I’m writing to.

What these questions reveal are a handful of different angles you can use to enter the conversation already taking place in your prospect’s head.

So, if you’re stuck trying to build the “perfect” funnel…

If you’re freaking out over the rising cost of Facebook ads…

Or if you just can’t get your webinars to convert…

Then STOP what you are doing and fix your offer first!

Don’t get me wrong, webinars are great.

But if you can’t put your offer in a simple email, send it to the right person and have them begging you to take their money…

…then putting it into a 90-minute Keynote presentation isn’t going to help.

marketing funnel

2. Driving traffic direct to a webinar is still alive and well in 2018.

funnel hacking
marketing funnel

It’s no secret that almost all sources of traffic are more competitive (and therefore more expensive) than ever before.

Over the last decade, the average cost per click has more than QUADRUPLED.

What’s the reason for this sharp rise in costs? And, more importantly, why will they only CONTINUE to increase?

The answer is simple:

There’s more competition for traffic because there are more businesses than ever before.

In fact, according to Forbes, 543,000 new businesses are started every year.

So naturally, as demand for the same traffic supply goes up, costs go up too. It’s the age-old law of supply and demand, right?

To make matters worse, the news feed is chock-full of ads from so-called experts screaming “register for my free training!”

But what most marketers fail to realise is that this competition actually creates a HUGE opportunity.


Marketing Funnel Idea's And Strategy $550,000 Sales 1

Because in a world filled with over-hyped, unsubstantiated claims… a compelling offer that solves a painful problem for your prospect is going to STAND OUT like a sore thumb. 👍

This is the secret to how we’ve been able to consistently generate a 4 to 1 return on ad spend.

marketing funnel

3. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

marketing funnel

Only 3% of your audience is ready to buy now… but this doesn’t mean that you should neglect the other 97%.

Remember, everyone is different.

Some people are visual learners, which means they need pictures and images to learn well.

Some people are verbal learners, which means they respond better to speech and writing.

And some people just need more information to be sure your product or service is right for them.

That’s why plugging a SECONDARY conversion mechanism (such as a sales letter or video series) – selling the same thing, but with a different angle – in on the back-end is a surefire way to boost sales.

We’ve been testing this for the past 4 months and have seen a 6% lift in sales as a result.

4. The money is in the follow-up.

marketing funnel

The first time my client ran this webinar, he made only 2 sales live.

(As you can imagine, he was kinda freaking out after agreeing to pay me $15,000 plus royalties).

But when an additional 17 sales poured in during the 72 hours that followed, it’s fair to say he was made to eat humble pie

This wasn’t a one-off, either.

In the 8 months that we’ve been running this webinar (it’s now evergreen), we’ve consistently doubled or tripled our sales during the replay sequence.

This just goes to show that crafting an effective post-webinar email sequence should NEVER be considered an afterthought.

It’s a necessity in marketing funnel


5. Stop wasting time on the details.

funnel hacking
marketing funnel

In a world filled with shiny objects, it can be extremely difficult to filter out the noise.

For example, everyone’s talking about chatbots right now, and how you can use them to get 80-90% open rates.

But as every man and his dog jumps on the bandwagon, it won’t be long before chatbots become equally as ineffective as the very technology they were supposedly built to replace.

The fact is, technology is moving faster than ever… and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up.

But do you want to know the one thing that will NEVER change?

Human persuasion.

That’s why copy writing is the single most important skill you can learn if you want to quickly increase your income.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you can’t use tools like chatbots to your advantage.

The point I’m making is that too many people waste time on the details before mastering the fundamentals.

marketing funnel

6. The more you teach, the less you sell.


marketing funnel

I’ll be the first to admit that the first few webinars I built BOMBED.

At first, I thought the reason I wasn’t making sales was that I wasn’t providing enough “value.”

But, as I became more experienced at creating and delivering webinars, the more certain I became that…

… the more you teach, the less you sell.

Sure, teaching your best stuff will give people knowledge.

But that knowledge won’t actually create the belief or inspiration necessary for them to act.


Because nine times out of ten, people don’t actually take action on the information they’re given.

To understand this, look no further than the obesity epidemic.

Most people know the basics of how to be healthy: exercise daily, eat a healthy diet, get a good night’s sleep, etc.

But very few people actually follow these basics.

In other words, we live in a world that is DROWNING in information, but sorely lacking in transformation.

For people to be transformed, they must first take action.

Suffice to say, the goal of your webinar is NOT to teach. The teaching is what you do AFTER they purchase.

The goal of your webinar is to create an environment for change and inspire people to take action to improve their lives.

That’s why EVERY piece of content must be in the context of breaking limiting beliefs and replacing them with new, empowering ones.

So, there you have it

If you have any questions, post them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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