12 Sites Like LoveROMs Gba To Play Online Games In 2022

LoveROMs is a popular website for downloading as well as playing Retro video games online. It provide game console for users to play game and act as an emulator for several types of games such as GBA games, PSP games, PSX games, Nintendo games, Sega games and more. Unfortunately, LoveROMs is not available anymore.

History on LoveROMs

Nintendo, which is the world’s largest video game company filed lawsuits against two ROMs site owners i.e. LoveROMs and LoveRetro for breaching the copyright laws and providing the ROMs publicly at free of cost.

After a lengthy legal battle between Nintendo and LoveROMs, both the parties come to an agreement, as the final the judgement demanded the owners of LoveROMs and LoveRetro to pay Nintendo a total of $12 million.

Not only these, Nintendo seize all the games, files and emulators of the websites LoveROMs and LoveRetro and take over their domains. To not get caught from Nintendo, many other ROMs providers closed their websites. But still, you can find many alternatives of LoveRoms which fulfill user requirements.

12 Alternatives of LoveROMs

Play Retro Games

Access here: Play Retro Games


Play Retro Games provides an online emulator to play Retro video games online. They supports many classic systems which includes Atari, Capcom, Gameboy, Nintendo 64, Sega games and more. They supports most of the 8-bit and 16-bit systems, includes NES, SNES, SEGA and arcade games include Capcom CPS-1, CPS-2 and SNK Neo-Geo arcade boards. The interface is very beautiful and site is featured with thousands of games.

My Abandonware

Access here: My Abandonware

My Abandonware

My Abandonware is one of the best alternative of LoveROMs. More than 14000 games are available here. You can discover rare 80’s games and get immersed with classics from the 90’s. The games from 1978 to 2022 are available here. Games for the platforms Amiga, Apple II, ColeCovision, Dragon 32/64, Game Gear, Genesis, Linux, MAC, PC, SEGA, Windows and ZX are available to download as well as to play online.

Access here:

online emulator has a curated list of the best playable games with no annoying popup. It is a community of passionate retro gamers, where you can explore games of platforms – NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, GBA, GBA Advance and SEGA master system. You can play games with simplest controls via PC and other devices. The description of each and every game is also available there.

Access here: RetroGames is a timeless site for supplying online emulation of older games to the operating platform MS-DOS along with other programs like Atari, Nintendo, Gameboy, Sega etc.. They’ve multiple million games in their database. Each of the matches have been emulated in Flash, Java or from JavaScript for consumer convenience. Not only online, you might even play games offline on your device by downloading the emulators out of RetroGames for your apparatus. You might even go in their forum to explore their own community.

Game Oldies

Access here: Game Oldies

Game Oldies

Game Oldies is an online game emulation platform as well as a community. They supports many classic systems and provide online game through Adobe flash technology. They have games supporting 19 different platforms, including major platforms such as NES, SEGA, GBA and Capcom. Some most popular games such as FIFA Soccer, Street fighter, Dragon Ball Z are the most played games of Game Oldies.

Access here:

RetroGames is one online game emulation platform which supports some unique and rarely found gaming platforms such as NEC, Wonderswan, NEO GEO Pocket, MSX and MSX 2. Huge games of PSX platform can be played at ease in this website. I recommend this website if you want to play big games online. You can also find thousands of Arcade games here. You can play games without signing up.


Access here: Arcadespot


Arcadespot is one of the oldest arcade gaming website, where you can play arcade games such as Action games, Adventure games, Multiplayer games and many more. They have got a ton of popular games from all over the Internet. They also offers some specific genres of flash games such as Racing games, Puzzle games and more.


Access here: RomsMania


RomsMania has the biggest collection from any other website. It can be the best alternative of LoveROMs. With 15 different platforms and millions of ROMs, RomsMania is not just fulfilling user’s need, but also gives the service more than their expectations. You can also download BIOS for GBA, PSX and PCSX2 here. The servers are extremely fast and the content is updated periodically. You cannot play any game online here, but download anything for free.

Access here: is the easiest and fastest way to play 8 bit, 16 bits, 32 bits and 64 bits games directly on your browser. Play Retro games totally free of cost on PC as well as on MAC, without any popups or Ads. With 10+ genres and 7 different video game systems, MyEmulator gives consistent service to all their users. Video games from the top developers such as Capcom, Nintendo, Disney and Konami can be found here.


Access here: GameShelf

GameShelf is an excellent website to play all type of retro games of Nintendo (NES). Moreover, you can play them on your mobile with perfect video quality and sound effects. Their system also support save and load state of game, so if you turn your phone off, go away and then come back, you can still play from the state you left the game.

Nintendo Emulator

Access here: Nintendo Emulator

Nintendo Emulator

Nintendo Emulator is a simple and one of the fastest website which provide online gaming facility to it’s users. It provides only NES and SNES games to their users. There are thousands of games available and easy to play. You can search games from the search bar or you can browser them alphabetically.

Nes Fun

Access here: Nes Fun

12 Sites Like LoveROMs Gba To Play Online Games In 2022 1

Nes Fun is another online gaming site just like Nintendo Emulator. It is fastest and works for both PC as well as mobile phones. You can browse games by 20+ different categories . Also browse via alphabets is possible in this website.

Let’s Play GBA

Access here: Let’s Play GBA

Let’s play GBA has a lovely interface, which serves it’s user to play GB, GBC, GBA, GEN, MEGA, NES and SNES games online without any registration. Thousands of games are available which can be browsed alphabetically there. You can see and give votes to the games available to play there. You can also see the top played game.

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