Keyword Research For SEO

Keyword Research For SEO: Deeply Explain 2020 Guide

Keyword Research for SEO


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In this guide,

i’m sharing with you everything about Search engine optimization keyword research.

1st thing- you always thought about keyword ideas but no one should be easy to rank because of high competition.

2nd thing- you are not able to thought keyword ideas to target in post because right-now you are beginner.

So many things is possible and so many things happen in SEO (positive and negative)

Today you will gonna learn here every easy and every single method/step keyword research for seo

Keyword Research For SEO

Keyword Research For SEO

What is Keyword

In very easy and simple words: keyword is our using every word/phrase which we are typing in google to search. every word is a keyword if you are searching it on google or any search engine.

Keyword examples:

  • Radio
  • Pen
  • Car
  • Coffee
  • More

Every phrase is keyword if you are typing and searching it on google.

Types Of Keyword

1. LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keyword:

also know as long tail keyword, it’s matching our searched keyword in google and getting us related queries. long tail keyword are search almost in google.

Some LSI keywords are search only at any event, festive (i.e. Christmas, kings day) depend on our culture, religious, living style and so many things.

  • LSI Keyword a person searching a keyword daily in google (i.e. Facebook login, gmail login) these keywords are search for long time (years and years) 
Lsi keyword

These results google will show in live search box.

  • And you should also find more LSI Keywords with most search volume in below of your google searched page.
lsi keywords example

you should find it in google to search your keyword. (find below)

Keyword Research For SEO

2. Normal Keywords

Normal keyword search volume are high compare to LSI keywords (not for all), we only search normal keywords

In simple words:

  • Normal Keyword a person search one or two time in a week not daily (not applicable for all, depend on purposes)  

Example: avengers box office, where to buy xbox

normal keyword example

Keyword Research For SEO

normal keyword

Lets start, keyword research.

How Google Crawling And Understanding Our Web Page,

And how to rank for a keyword?

It’s little bit complicated but you can understand it to see here screenshots:

keyword research SERP
meta description
As you can see I searched a keyword which is “keyword research” on google (search engine) and look at second and third SERP result that is blog posts and first one is a tool for keyword research. I mean to say there are around 100 or more than tools which are offering keyword research services but there is blog posts which is ranked higher. Here I’m sharing why, what’s the math? as you can see 2nd and 3rd result has accurate meta description which contains keyword in meta description so it’s important to have a keyword in meta description because in year 2009 google’s matt cutts said meta keyword tag is no more helpful everything is based on meta description.

keyword in title
meta title
Here you can see I have searched a keyword “keyword research” in google (search engine) this is the SERP (search engine rank page) of top few results as you can see all result contains focus keyword in title tag. that’s important to have our main keyword our post title. It can probably help you to increase rankings. make your title optimized it should be shorter than 70 characters.

Content Optimization Techniques
Learn Here Best Content Optimization On Page SEO Practices.

How To Do Keyword Research For SEO

Keyword Research For SEO

Today here i’m sharing best and easy way to find tons of keywords in free, keyword should be LSI or normal. you always using social media but never used it to find SEO related things you just using it for entertainment or for chatting purpose, but here i’ll share with you best ways to get keyword ideas easily using through social media.

Every tool will gonna show you these things

  • Keyword
  • Organic search
  • Phrase match
  • Average CPC
  • Competition Density
  • Results

Basic Way To Research Long Tail Keywords

This is the best and super easiest way to research keyword for free using mobile or desktop using google.

Step 1. Open Google and search any keyword

live suggest google

While searching any keyword on Google, you have saw it suggest keywords they all are long tail most searched keywords now just choose any keyword and research for it. Figuring out top ranking sites, their backlinks, referring domains, top ranked sites structure, keyword density, keyword placing, headlines and more on page SEO things than you start writing content for it.

Step 2. Search any keyword on google and go below

google suggest

You can find many more keyword ideas from google it suggests amazing keyword ideas which we can try to rank and I believe they are not much competitive keywords for rank them. learn below more methods to research keywords for SEO.

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1. Reddit

reddit .png

is the massive community and world’s top questioning and answering social media. and you should find here thousands of keyword ideas and so many seo related things in free of cost. just open Reddit and sign-in your account if you don’t have account create new account.

Open Reddit and login your account (if you don’t have create new one)

reddit login

login your account.

Search your competitive keyword in search box

reddit keyword search

Just search your competitive keyword and you should find easily 200+ best keyword ideas with title and more things. (free of cost)

2. Wikipedia

wikipedia logo

There is almost 7300000 published article and might be more than, and Wikipedia is only one where you should find every single thing under the universe. it’s very easy here you don’t have need to create any account.

Open Wikipedia and search any keyword

wikipedia resaerch

Visit in any result

Open Searched Result

and look at left sidebar paragraph and content list.

Niche related keyword ideas

Niche related best keyword ideas and if you want more than visit into side paragraph content

3. Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner logo

Keyword planner tool was made for keyword research for advertising purposes and it’s great tool in free of cost (nothing need to pay) but here you have to create or login your gmail account with google adwords. this tool will get you thousands of keyword ideas with CPC bid and search volume of keywords.

Google keyword planner is the first keyword research free tool and it’s running since year 2000, almost people love to use this.

Open Google Adwords and login your account

Keyword Research For SEO: Deeply Explain 2020 Guide 1

You have to login your gmail account with adwords

Open Keyword Planner

After login the Adword account visit in > settings icon > planning > keyword planner


Search your competitive Keyword to get ideas

Find new keywords

Press enter

Get ideas

keyword ideas

Here you should find everything in free of cost, keyword list you should also export it in your PC and monthly search volume of keyword and cpc (cost per click) bid.

4. Keyword tool

keyword tool logo

This website has free and paid both plans for keyword research, to get ideas, just type your keyword, it will get you thousands of good keyword ideas. However has amazing features for keyword research like: keyword exporting, keyword excluding, search. The best thing is you can get here most searched keywords with questions. This tool has free and paid both versions if you are looking for only keyword suggestions than free is enough for you need overall data of keywords than you go for pro version of In the pro version it can unlock volume, trend, CPC (cost per click), competition option for you.

Open and search your keyword

Search for "keyword research"

It will not show you keyword search volume and bid for showing it you have to buy premium plan, but to get keyword ideas you should use it in free.

5. Ubersuggest


Recently neil patel has launched ubersuggest tool, he bought this tool in $100k and he providing keyword research tool to peoples in free of cost (nothing need to pay) this tool will get you tons of amazing ideas with showing more metrics of keyword monthly search volume and competition and cpc bid.

Just open Ubersuggest and search your keyword


So many features available in free of cost keyword exporting, negative keywords, monthly search volume, competition and cpc bid.

6. Ahrefs

ahrefs logo png

Ahrefs is the best tool for seo analysis and keyword research but you have need to buy ahrefs tool premium plan. it will get you every single thing for your competitive keyword. it will show you all metrics like : backlinks for ranked competitor keyword, referring domains, keyword difficulty and more.

Open Ahrefs > Keyword explorer

Search your keyword to get ideas and over all metrics for your keyword

You'll need backlinks from ~619 websites to rank in top 10 for this keyword

You can get more related keywords and ideas to filter it as “having same terms” OR phrase match

Find more thousands of keyword to filter it as “having same terms

Having same terms keywords

If you need today’s fresh data click on “Get metrics” you are able to see keyword difficulty, cpc, search volume and thousands of keyword ideas.

7. keyword in

You have 20 ideas in mind but you are not able to combine them in mind, these tool will generate keywords to combine and get you best keyword idea in free of cost.

Open Keyword in add your keyword as broad match like these:

Combine your keywords the easy way

Add some words and it will generate proper keywords.

8. insta keywords

This tool is really very impressive, it will generate and get you tons of best keyword ideas in free of cost, just open this tool  search any word and click on: Generate Suggestions

Free long tail keyword research tool

Fill any keyword and  click on “Generate suggestions

Keyword suggestions for buy online

You can see here keyword ideas, global/local searches, last month searches and cost per click, this tool is free of cost.

9. Keyword Shitter

When it comes to found LSI – long tail keyword research for seo. this tool is great because it working with google, it will extract your keyword through google from the bottom in related section keywords and will get you results until you can’t stop.

Just Open Keyword shitter


Now type your keyword

Keyword Shitter

Type your keyword and click on “shit keywords” it will get your results until you can’t stop.  almost keyword results will be long tail keywords

10. Keyword Search Volume

keyword volume checker

Recently we (Traffic Solder) have launched new keyword volume checker tool, it can give you overall possible data of searched keyword example: volume, cpc (cost per click), ppc, difficulty and SERP analysis with links. you may gonna love it, absolutely it’s free of cost for all, you can easily use to just type keyword in it.

Open Here: keyword volume checker

keyword volume checker

Just type your keyword and click on “GET SEARCH VOLUME” it can show you accurate data. also below you can see SERP analysis data.

serp analysis tool

Don’t forget to using this tool

11. Google Trend

google trend

When it comes to find keywords and title ideas for SEO, I believe it’s best tool. You know what Google has own free tool for search trend of terms (example: Donald Trump) it can shown you how much a keyword is growing and losing – It understand users experience Interest over time – Numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for the given region and time. A value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term.

Find related terms using Google trend

Related queries

You can see there a option below at chart – Related queries: It suggest related keywords you can see there trend too.

12. Keyword Suggest

Recently we have build this keyword suggest tool, It can help you to find local, brand keywords under 7 seconds – you should find 100+ keywords with volume, CPC (cost per click), difficulty. it’s free of cost there is not required any login or sign up process you may gonna love this too.

Just open > keyword suggest tool

Keyword Research For SEO: Deeply Explain 2020 Guide 2

Now search any basic single keyword (example: city name – newyork or any keyword what you want) it can suggest keywords automatically.

keyword suggest tool

You can see our keyword suggest tool is doing amazing job and getting pretty accurate data of keywords and suggesting over 300 keywords for the basic keyword and also you can download data there in PDF, CSV and Excel format.


  • Data download
  • Search option
  • Sorting
  • Suggestions
  • Keyword full data

13. Wordtracker

Wordtracker is the best keyword research tool for researching PPC or SEO keywords it’s free of cost and suggesting over 200 keywords in line without any signup or login process, I believe it can help you to rank better in google just try it. it’s offering s many features like: selection of country, state and data sorting, search, include, exclude, keywords importing for bulk research probably it’s amazing one.

Here you can use to open > WordTracker


Type your keyword and click on search to get the data of keywords you can also change the country, state and there is many more features.

wordtracker keywords

This is freemium keyword research tool

Importance Of Keyword

It’s important to have proper keyword placing and focus on a particular keyword, let to google about your web page that you are using properly a keyword.

Best practices for keyword targeting

  • Use keyword in title tag
  • Introducing paragraph about keyword
  • Keyword must have in head tags
  • Make sure keyword are available in permalink
  • Alt tag have an keyword
  • A keyword density should be around 1%
  • Boycott keyword stuffing
  • Use primary (main) keyword in meta description
  • Use Primary and secondary keyword in meta description
  • You can also use primary and secondary keyword in title

That’s it just create a killer content which covering every single thing about a keyword.

Forum Keywords

If you want to select keyword which has related to a question and you need some best question keyword suggestion Like: How to index website using web 2.0, How to hack instagram account using termux android.

So in this case you can use google to find the best keyword, the process is super easy. here is the search string:

“keyword” + “forums”
“keyword” + “forum”

Example: “sql” + “forums”

forum keyword research

Now how to find the keywords?

Ok so I have visited into first search result “sqlteam” here i can see so many asked question related to searched keyword.


That’s might be good idea to find niche relevant keywords and also optimized titles.

Conclusion: in this post we have shared some 12 methods to research keywords 2-3 tasks is paid but other all is free of cost.

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