How To Install WordPress Theme Using Cpanel

How To Install WordPress Theme Using Cpanel

How To Install WordPress Theme Using Cpanel

WordPress is the best CMS as everybody know sometimes we facing issue while uploading theme from the upload theme section? however today I’m going to share with you best and fastest method to upload the theme in your WordPress website. No matter what’s the size are.

Why You Are Facing Issue In Uploading Theme ?

Okay, I’m not sure actually but as I have experienced with those problems. let me share with you…

  • Theme size is big
  • Internal server has problem
  • Your Internet is slow 
  • Upload limit is exceed
  • Theme format is .rar or other
  • And more…
  • I think theme size should be more than the upload limit.
  • Your hosting server is down that’s why you are facing issue
  • Internet should be low because of users maximum frequency
  • You have not increased upload limit
  • Theme file extension is .RAR even WordPress allowed only .ZIP

How To Install WordPress Theme Using Cpanel

You need little bit knowledge for upload and install the theme and yes hosting account access too.

Let’s start…

Open Your Hosting Panel

If you don’t know than ask about hosting panel to your developer also take the access to him

How To Install WordPress Theme Using Cpanel

Login Your Account.

After Login, Open Services

You can see services open the section now you can see there your active plans with the name of your domain so visit into your active domain where you want to install WordPress Theme.

How To Install WordPress Theme Using Cpanel

Now open the services

Client Area, Product Details Is Open

Now come below and visit in the file manager section, if you are not able to see find file manager, so may also visit it to using Cpanel from the left side dashboard click on > login to Cpanel now search > “File manager” visit into it.

File manager
How To Install WordPress Theme Using Cpanel

Visit The File Manager

Open Public_html

If your hosting has not any section with the name public_html than there will be a folder htadocs they both are the same the difference is server and hosting. some using nginx hosting and some cpanel shared.


Open it

Open Wp-Content


Every plugins, themes data are stored in wp-content so open the wp-content now you can see so many files and directories like: plugins, themes, uploads. so open the themes folder.

How To Install WordPress Theme Using Cpanel
How To Install WordPress Theme Using Cpanel

Now you can see there your already installed few themes.

Open Upload

cpanel upload

Now click on upload to install and extract theme in your WordPress website manually.

Open Your Theme

select file cpanel

Now select your file (theme) which do you want to upload make sure for the file format only .zip Cpanel only extract .zip file.

how to install WordPress Theme using cpanel

Click on “Go Back to (path)”

Here you have to extract the theme look how.

Extract Theme


Now click on reload and you can see theme is uploaded. now if you want to see the theme open your WordPress panel and visit into themes section.


You can see theme is properly uploaded, you can make it active too.!

Using the same method you can upload the plugins too. just upload the plugin in plugins directory from cpanel

Thank You!

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