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How To Write Post Title: Best Ideas And Research 2019

It’s only thing which drives users in our website through search engine, social media, Ecommerce and other platforms. have you ever seen in internet (google, Facebook ads) how they always trying to get more clicks, they not focusing on keyword only also they adding magnetic words which are forcing user to click however it’s not enough to understand it. let me clear first…

In this post you will gonna learn everything about – How to write post/article title and optimize it for more users.

What Is Title

Title is everything it deciding your content worth to outside example: YouTube video, news, blog article, E commerce product, books and many more. make your title optimized. if it would be optimized and better in understand as a user interface than you are the winner.

Let’s start…

Code sample:

  <title>Example Title</title>

How To Write Post Title

There is so many ways to write title but always write competitive title here is how to write a perfect optimized title.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

step by step process

  1. Research to find title

    Here you need to do search for your keyword in google and figuring out the top ranked pages and what titles they are using and how they are optimizing it for more clicks and user experience.

    how to write title

You can see 1st ranked page includes everything perfectly: “What Is A Backlink and How Do You Start Getting Backlinks To Your Website”. this is optimized title, it’s long but it will get more clicks to others not because of long title, this is all about your targeting keyword and title, description, permalink optimization and this perfect that’s why, this one is ranked at top on google search engine.

Ideas for writing perfect title:

Note: it should be not more than to 65 characters make it mobile and google friendly (optimized).

How To Write Post Title

Start adding words in the end of title like:

  • 2019
  • Check it out
  • Here
  • Learn now
  • Get now

Example how:

  • Best SEO Course: Perfect Guide For Beginners 2019
  • Adidas T-shirts – Buy In Discount Price: Check It Out Now
  • Stream latest movies of Hollywood for only $5 Here
  • How I make Online $50,000 In one month learn now
  • Boost website traffic affordable media buying services get now

Optimized title structure for SEO

You may write it according to your users but, if you are generating traffic from search engine than this is the best practice for title tag.

  • Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name
  • How To Write Title – Optimize Title For SEO | Traffic Solder

You can use commas, brackets or other too.

Learn more:

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