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How To Stop Any Running Task: Game, Software or Any File in Computer

How To Stop Any Running Task

You know what?
Few days ago extract same thing i was finding in my pc but i found the way to close any running host, task, apps, game in pc.
actually sometimes our pc got hanged or a single file are open multiple time so than we are n’t able to close them.

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What functions doesn’t working ?

1. ALT+F4 – sometimes it’s direct showing a pop-up for shut-down pc or restart.
2. ALT+F4+DEL – it’s working same like alt+f4 (alternate) sometimes it’s not working.
3. Cross or close tab – this buttons also not working some time.

so if this key’s are not going to close any application, file, game than what you do?
don’t worry here is the fix for your problem/issue.

If you are working in office as a accountant or as a any professional and you are not much computers or technology friendly. i mean to say you know basics and so many programs related to your work only. in case, if you want to close any task,game,application and you are not able to close them through alt+f4, alt+del and to other keys so check here screem shots and fix your your issue now.

Open Task Manager

How to open task manager ?

Here is some shortcut keys-

  • Use the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keyboard
  • Use the Ctrl + Alt + Del keyboard
  • Use The Windows+R

Alternative –

Other wise click right button of mouse at the footer bar and click on > task manager.

task manager


Now you can see so many running task in processor

task manager windows 10



Open “Performance” < 2nd option.

open rersource monitor

Than open > resource monitor


Here is all running tasks-

task close

If something is infecting to your pc or you are not able to close so just go at the any application or task and than click right button of mouse > End Tress Process.

end tree process


Don’t close any windows application Like-

  • System
  • Winlog
  • Windows Host
  • Windows defender
  • and more


If something sucking your overall internet data than go to 5th option > Network pick and than > end process tree.


How To Stop Any Running Task

If again automatically any application and app is running in background than instead of “end tree process” > Suspend The Process.

How To Stop Any Running Task

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How To Stop Any Running Task