How To Search For A Word On A Web Page

How To Search For A Word On A Web Page: Under 2 Seconds?

If A web page has longer piece of content example Wikipedia pages and we want to search a name or phrase on it so how can we search it directly in mobile OR laptop (Chrome, Mozilla, Opera) ? don’t worry In this post you will gonna learn and know easiest steps to search For A Word On A Web Page.

Here, I’m sharing direct working and helpful methods to search for a word on a web page let’s start…

How To Search For A Word On A Web Page

If you are using Laptop/PC and browser Google Chrome OR Mozilla than open any web page where you want to search a word in a web page


You can see A web page is opened where I wanted to search a word but the web page is very long so I can’t read it in few minutes, it make take 1 hour for reading. so now!

After Open the web page press:

How To Search For A Word On A Web Page

Whenever you can click on CLT+F it will appear a search box at the right top of your browser, look at the screenshot:

search box

Now type your word in this search box. example: I wanted to search “Backlink” in this web page. so just type “backlink” in this small search box, It can count the backlink word how much time the web page is appearing backlink and give you the result. look at the example:

how to search

Here is the result. I got 2 backlink words in this web page as yo can see.

What If Find Shortcut Not Working ?

Almost browser has the inbuilt for finding the paragraph or word in a web page which helping us in anyway.

So if CLT + F doesn’t working in your browser you may also use through going in menu.

Open the any web page where you want to search a word than go to the menu of browser.


After opening the menu you can see at the right sidebar a tool “Find” click on it, so word search box will appear on your web page screen.

How To Search Word In Web Page Using Google

This is known as string search, google bot crawling the web page everyday they has two bots one for mobile and second desktop, so they scanning/crawling every web page daily two times.

You may search using this string: word

Look at the example how:

Search For A Word

So you should easily search using strings. also you may find the words in other search engine example: Bing, Yahoo, Yandex.

Search multi words in web page

Yes you should search multi words in a web page at the same time using a extension of google chrome. it can highlight multi word in just a second.

Here you need to install a extension – Multi-highlight

Follow the steps to install multi highlight extension for google chrome

Open this link


Now click on: Add to Chrome to install it.

How To Search For A Word On A Web Page: Under 2 Seconds? 1

Open any web page and click on the extension icon to find words in web page.

How To Search For A Word On A Web Page In Mobile

Almost people using mobile as we all know. if the web page has thousands of words in a web page so that’s very hard to find the single word in mobile, but google chrome has function to search word in webpage. follow the steps to find words in mobile.

Open any web page in google chrome mobile, where you want to search a word

google chrome mobile

After opening the web page go to the menu to click on that three dots

Find in page

when you can click on find in page a search box will appear at the web page than you can search any word easily.

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