You might be curious to know how to hack Instagram account using android mobile. So let’s begin.

There are plenty of ways to hack Instagram account and yes today I’ll share to you few of those ways.

What Are The Methods To Hack Instagram 

The most often methods used by hackers to hack any application or website or should say a server, are these methods –

There are more methods, but those cannot be reveal as the methods themselves are very confidential. Though, we can have access to use only above three methods. So, let us know about these methods one by one.


It means trap, I’ll give you a link when you can open that URL, you can see there is Instagram but honestly, that’s the trap. When you will enter your username and password into given Instagram URL, It will be sent or stored at my end and I can see what you have entered.

instagram phishing

You can see at the header of the attached screenshot there is the different URL, Instead of Now, I’m going to click on login and below in the screenshot, I’ll show you how it will be print at my end.

instagram password print

Here is what I fill in the login details.

How To Hack Instagram Account Using Phishing

That’s very simple. Open this link – Z-shadow

Here you have to sign up and create a new account

signup zshadow

You have to fill few details for sign up here

search instagram
How to hack instagram account

There you can see so many banners. In the search box, enter Instagram and then click on ENGLISH.

get url

When you can click on English, you will get the link of phishing page.

Now you can open it in your browser to test and fill anything in login details. 

how to hack instagram account using android mobile

Fill anything in the login details and then click on login. This should be done for testing to know it’s working. Phishing is illegal, that’s the reason if you download phishing script from online and try to host on any server, they immediately block your hosting account with a warning.

Where you can see victim login and password ?

Go to here : Zshadow victim

How to hack instagram account using android mobile

Boom… the link is working properly now. If you have to hack the Instagram account of your friends, just send them the link of phishing page.

Remember the URL of this website: OR search on google: Z shadow

Login your account to whom you did signup first time and after logging you can see there so many banners than search into search field: Instagram and click on English to get the phishing URL.

Disclaimer: Do not harm to any other account or personal liability you may face jail or case, It’s only for fun and yes you can hack your friend accounts to whom you know.

Key logging and SPY

Key logging is easily possible in android mobile, it can track and report your every activity because Key logging has right to read your mobile permission. but key logging is only possible when anybody can Install a application with the backdoor in your mobile phone and than he can be able to see and control your device.

How to hack instagram account using key logging

You have to sing up your account on Ikeymonitor

instagram account messages

Click on “Download Free Trail

hack instagram account messages

Select android, but if you want to download backdoor and monitor iphone than select Iphone.

how to hack instagram account

Fill the required details for signup your account.

ikeymonitor account details

Now you will receive a mail from Ikeymonitor with login information, please save your Username and password in text note for further login also save license key.

hack ikeymonitor

Login your account using username and password than, it will be redirect in dashboard where you can get .apk backdoor. It’s free for 3 days after you have to buy, but until you can test the work of Ikeymonitor.


Click on add a device and download

download spy for android

Select the android if your victim is android user. otherwise Iphone if he is the Iphone user.

spy app

Select option first than you will get the backdoor link.

hack android mobile

Disabled Google Play Protect

Settings > Google > Security > Scan device for security threats and Improve harmful app detection (1,2,3)
Set to “OFF“

how to hack instagram account

Just do it, so victim never will know, what you have did! “uncheck” 3rd step.

On Android 8.x

Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps > Google Play Store > App notifications > High priority (1,2,3)
Set to “OFF“

set notifications setting

Follow the given Instruction for Installing the Ikeymonitor

And then enter the license key.

How I Hack 200 Instagram Accounts Using Mobile 2019 1

Now login your account in Ikeymonitor and go to the dashboard, there you can see everything!

How I Hack 200 Instagram Accounts Using Mobile 2019 2

There is the dashboard with logs



Bruteforcer is the best and my favourite method to hack Instagram

In this process you need some details about victim.

Example: Mobile number, his name, his best friend name, her name, her father, mother name and some more personal details.

This is the powerful and best method ever to hack any Instagram account without any issue or yes there is no need to send any link or installing any application in victim’s phone. you can hack any account to sit at our home. you just need some personal details about victim as I said. Victim mean to whom you want to target.

Bruteforcer mean guessing, It can automatically attempt victim login information you need to provide the username of victim and password list. so Bruteforcer will get you the correct password automatically.

Let’s start…

Install the Termux in your android mobile

Download Termux

download termux

After installing the Termux open it… It will take while!

Paste it to update the pkg

pkg update

Now you can see there command box (Terminal)

For hacking the Instagram account we need to Install Python first.

install python in termux

Copy and paste this command line:

pkg install python

Than we have to need to Install GIT because Git will help us to download package directly from github.

Now paste this command line:

pkg install git

Now python is installed and git too.

install git

Learn Below More:

How to hack Instagram account using Bruteforcer

Close the Termux and re-open it OR type “clear”

Now paste this command in termux for downloading and Installation Instagram Bruteforcer completely

git clone
cd Instagram
pkg install nano
cd Instagram

Here you have to create password list start writing the passwords for the victim. you may also copy the most using password list from here

nano termux

If you have wrote all the passwords for your victim and you want to save the file. than Press:

Now you have to set the name of file with extension

How I Hack 200 Instagram Accounts Using Mobile 2019 3

For saving the file Press:

Volume low (button) + M (together)

paste this command for installing the requests:

pip install requests
pip install -r requirements.txt
  • python username pass.txt 8
  • Example: python chirag.artani pass.txt 8
  • Meaning: python username passwordfile thread
How To Hack Instagram Account Using Android Mobile

Bonus watch the usage video: How To Hack Instagram account using mobile

How to use and hack instagram account!

How to hack instagram account using android mobile

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