How To Get "HTTPS" (SSL) Certificate In Any Website Free 2019 2

How To Get “HTTPS” (SSL) Certificate In Any Website Free 2019

In this post, I’m going share with you – How to get SSL certificate for website in free?

Before I move onto the method, we should be familiar with the keyword HTTPS –

HTTPS means Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It is a protocol, a set of rules that helps to make a secure connection between the client (i.e. your computer/mobile) and the server.

To make it secure, HTTPS uses Secure Socket Layer on the top of HTTP connection between the client and server. When SSL is applied, the requests and responses between the client and server is encrypted and decrypted before sending and receiving at the other end of communication.

For using SSL, we need to implement its certificate at server side of our website.

How to get free ssl certificate

how to get free ssl certificate

Advantages Of Implementing HTTPS

  1. Verifies identity for each incoming requests
  2. Provides data integrity in communication
  3. Helps in SEO
  4. Build a trust between the client and the server

Disadvantages Of Implementing HTTPS

  1. Caching problem in browsers
  2. Use of more server resource than in HTTP

What is SSL

SSL certificate is the broadly used certificate that is used to make a website secure. It protects the website from many online attacks like Phishing attack, man-in-the-middle attack, DNS attacks and more.

To protect the website from these attacks, we use SSL. So, Let’s begin with the method used to get HTTPS SSL Certificate free.

How To Get HTTPS (SSL) Free For Website

1. Lets Encrypt

Open your hosting panel > login your account > go to services (client area) > login to cpanel > search = “lets encrypt” or go below and find it. then > open it.

how to get free ssl

Open this.

Issue your site For SSL

ssl certificate free

where you want to install ssl certificate! Now..

Next. Click on issue to get ssl certificate

free ssl certificate
Bonus "watch the video"

How to get free ssl certificate

2. How To Get Free SSL In WordPress

If you are using WordPress then follow this.

Login your account > open dashboard > plugins > search = “ssl” and Install 1st plugin > activate.

How to get free ssl certificate

After install click on activate.

Now your website has SSL Certificate and it has automatically force and moved in HTTPS protocol.

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