Complaint On WhatsApp

How To File A Complaint On WhatsApp For (Vulgar, Abusive, Offensive)

Are you in trouble anybody is abusing you or sending you violence kind stuff on your WhatsApp. Or are you worried because someone harassing you for anything which is against your family, society, religion or country here is how you can take strong action about any guy who harassing you on WhatsApp. detailed action against victim how to complaint/report on WhatsApp.

Why You Should Complaint/report On WhatsApp ?

Complaint On WhatsApp
If your are belongs to India (residency) so now you can take very strong action against anybody no matter you are male, female, big or small. On 22nd February 2019 telecom create a new community which can help you to make a complaint on WhatsApp. You just need real proof (screenshot) against victim.

How To Complain/Report On WhatsApp

Don’t fear to report against victim if you are personally harassed by someone you have rights to go against them take it easily as I said now telecom department is with you they can fully helpful to file a complaint against any victim you just need real proof with your few details.

What I have to do for file a complain/report on WhatsApp against victim

Just open your gmail and send mail here along with screenshot (proof) and your mobile number also wrote your issue in subject – [email protected]

Email Structure Example:

Subject: A guy abusing to me and my family

Hello, I need a help please take a strong against this guy I don’t know who is he. He is unknown for me I got his message on my WhatsApp number. He is abusing to me and my family without any reason I’m really very worried you can also check the attached screenshot.
Please help me, My contact number: 9090******
Thank You!

Change the title (subject) don’t forget to attach your screenshot against victim

Note: This complaint can be received to your nearby police station before you may receive a mail from DoT however, police only can file a report when you have real proof with accurate information against victim.

Officially said by:

This is only for Indian residency, If you are not belongs to India you can also complaint here via mail: here

Also you can send Post A Letter On Given Address (Global)

Komal Lahiri
WhatsApp Inc.
Attention: Grievance Officer
1601 Willow Road
Menlo Park, California 94025
United States of America

Don’t be pressured or vulnerable, and don’t be scared, if someone or something on the platform is bothering you or somebody you know, speak up and report the issue show your power you are improving the Internet.

If you are scaring or have any issue regarding file a complaint of somebody on whatsapp please let me know on my personal email: [email protected]

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