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you will gonna learn how to create a new Facebook account.

Why New Account?

Nowadays Facebook has enabled high security for the fake accounts, but the high security also affecting to the old Facebook accounts last time Facebook has disabled my personal Facebook account without any reason and when I tried to logging it back they shown me Security check verify your last device OR identify your 4 friends of photo. It’s hard when we’re not using much Facebook and logging account after a month and suddenly we got a security review OR account disabled notice. 

What Is The Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media network in the universe as you know, and we all are connected there with our friends, families member and business colleagues, we sharing our feelings and sharing some quotes, posts which are related to us and society.

About Facebook

Facebook was launched in year 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. He was a computer science student two friends developed a website which name was, they both launched and shown our project in Harvard university, they was the students of Harvard. Thefacebook won a price mark said in their speech: Facebook can be helpful to connect peoples together, not from our country only, everyone will connect together from worldwide using thefacebook. and than thefacebook becomes

How To Create A New Account In Facebook

Create a account is very short and easy task, I’m sharing because sometimes under 16 child’s and aged peoples are worried for Creating new account.

Follow these steps:

Open Or You may Search this query in google too.

You can see now is opened.

How To Create A New Facebook Account
How To Create A New Facebook Account

What Things Are Require To Create A New Facebook Account ?

You have to fill:

  • First name
  • Last Name
  • Mobile number or email address
  • New password
  • Date of birth
  • Gender

After open

Fill First Name in First Column

How to create a new facebook account
How To Create A New Facebook Account

Example: Roman, Marta, Sunny (Your First name)

Fill Last Name In Second Column

How to create facebook account
How To Create A New Facebook Account

Example: Chuck, Dakota (Fill your surname)

Create Facebook Account

Now Fill Email Address OR mobile number (any one)

If you don’t have mobile number you may use email address or if you don’t have any email address than create new one to using gmail read how to create gmail account

How To Create A New Facebook Account: If old one is no more 2019 1
how to make facebook account

Once you entered your email address or Mobile number than you have to enter it again for confirmation.

Email Example:

Number Example: +1 6782903562

How To Create A New Facebook Account

New Password

Always Select unique password using capital and unique characters make it secure.

How To Create A New Facebook Account: If old one is no more 2019 2
create new facebook account

You can see password: Roman#12$grey

Set always first character capital in password and also include some special characters into password like: #@*&( and also add numbers in your password to make secure. remember password should be minimum 6 characters and usually i recommend 12 characters.

Date Of Birth And Gender

Remember your date of birth and than select your gender

how to create facebook account

Select your date of birth properly.

Note: Don’t fill wrong date of birth because if you face security in your account so there you need to submit government identity and Facebook require, Correct name and Date of birth and Facebook match the account details with your submit government document. so first remember your date of birth what you are filling in the facebook account and if you have got identity verification than submit your proper document.

Select your gender in second field.

Create New Facebook Account

Done… Now click on “Sign Up”

Now you have to fill the six digit sing up code, which you have got in your email address OR mobile number.

code verification facebook
How To Create A New Facebook Account

Fill here sign up verification code, which you have got in your mobile number or email address and than click on continue.

Conclusion: Now you have to fill your account details like: interest, you can add your friends, join the groups and also you can fill more details about you. so now your facebook account is ready enjoy…

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