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How To Create A Landing Page – Which Will Boost Sells 2X

There was a time I used to worry a lot to create a perfect Landing Page, Just because I didn’t know coding. But then I realise that we do not actually need to code to create a good Landing Page.

In this post, I gonna show you how to create a perfect Landing Page without coding.

Before proceeding to the main content, let us know what actually a Landing Page is.

What is a Landing Page?

A single web-page for a particular product or task, which is made only for converting and boost our sales. Landing page covers everything about a particular product like how the product looks like, What peoples saying for the product (reviews) and more.

There are plenty of tools available in the Internet to create a landing page, but the best and free way is to use WordPress plugins.

What actually the purpose of a Landing Page?

Landing pages are used to generate leads.

According to Marketo, “Lead generation describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline”.

To be simpler, Lead Generation means finding people information who are interested or who will be interested in your product in the future. They will become your customers which helps you to initiate your business relation with them. It is usually done by spending money to get more and more traffic to your Landing page.

Alright, let us begin how to create a landing page. But before that, you must know WordPress because we will use WordPress during the process.

To create a WordPress website for free, Click Here.

Now, I hope you have your own WordPress website, so we begin with the process.

We need three plugins to be installed in our WordPress site – Elementor, Icegram and Rain Maker.

With these three plugins, our task will become so easy, that we build our landing page in minutes.

To quickly install the plugins, Goto Plugins > Add New > Search plugin with the keywords shown above, such as Elementor and click on Install on the corresponding plugin as shown in the screenshot below –

Elementor Install

Install Icegram and Rain Maker in same way and Activate all the three plugins.

Now that you have successfully installed all three plugins, we should begin.

What are the basic elements of a Landing Page?

  1. The Main Headline
    The headline/statement that disclose the main product you want users to see
  2. Multimedia (An Image/Video)
    A multimedia which shows the main context of use
  3. Point of Benefits
    Describe what your product is all about and how it gonna help the user
  4. A Social Proof
    It includes  A count of how many customers you have, Trust seals to establish security of information, Customer testimonials and reviews
  5. The Call to Action
    This is either s standalone button or a form whose ultimate goal is to generate you lead

How to create a Landing Page ?

I hope you are logged in to your WordPress site, if not, do login now.

Do you need templates which should be totally high converting and yes free of cost only. 

Follow the instruction to get free ultimate templates for elementor

Open your WordPress dashboard go to plugins > Add New

Now search: Envato at the search field box

Envato Elements

Click on install and than activate it. make sure elementor is installed already!

Now open Envato elements from the left sidebar of WordPress Dashboard

How To Create A Landing Page - Which Will Boost Sells 2X 1

Fill the required details and click on continue

Select Template to find best for your product

How To Create A Landing Page - Which Will Boost Sells 2X 2

There is some 200+ free best and high converting templates and you can select it finding with your niche.

Open Your Selected Template

How To Create A Landing Page - Which Will Boost Sells 2X 3

Now first give the name to a page and click on “create new page” it will take while, than when it complete > click on import template so it will be imported in given name of page example: < agency will be the path of your landing page.

Now go to pages and edit your template

How To Create A Landing Page - Which Will Boost Sells 2X 4

click on edit.

Change the title and publish it

How To Create A Landing Page - Which Will Boost Sells 2X 5

Change title what you do you want to set according to your product or work than select template as Elementor canvas from right sidebar and last click on publish to make it live. you can also edit to click on edit with elementor

Change permalink set it optimized

How To Create A Landing Page - Which Will Boost Sells 2X 6

When you can change or set the title so permalink will be set automatically according your title so after publish change the permalink to click on “EDIT” make it short and optimized example: agency, media, landing-page


Check the eaxmple of Lp: HERE

How To Edit Landing page

Step 1: Create new page

add page wordpress

Click on Add New, and open the editor.

Step 2: Click on Edit with Elementor

edit page wordpress

Step 3: Add a Template


In Elementor Editor, You can just drag and drop Basic and General elements such as Headings, Image, Text Editor, Video, Button, Divider, Google Maps, Tabs, Accordion, Social Icons and lot’s more. All you need is to just drag the element from the list shown in left and drop it anywhere on right.

You can also pick up the pre-defined templates and blocks to start with. Click on the folder icon at the middle of screen as shown in Step 2.

how to create LP

For just start, go with Homepage – Study and Click on Insert.

Now click on Publish at bottom left of your Elementor editor and see your page.

You might not liking it because the page has header, footer and very bad look. It’s because of the template you have chosen. Click on Edit Page as shown in the screenshot below.

edit page elementor

Step 4: Selecting Page Template

Now, go to Templates at right bottom corner of the opened Gutenberg Editor and choose Elementor Canvas and click on Update at top right corner as shown in the screenshot below –

publish post

Now if you look at your page again, you will see a new look which is so attractive. Our landing page has a video, a headline at the top with a button to generate lead.

What’s left is a form that will help to store user’s details in our website. For that purpose, we have Rain Maker plugin installed.

Step 5: Create a basic form

Open Dashboard in new tab and go to Dashboard > Rain Maker > Create New and create a subscription form easily by choosing the Subscription form. Pick any of the given design, give a name to form and click on Publish.

rain maker

After publish the form, you will get a short code such as – 
[ rainmaker_form id=”64″ ]

Copy the short code and come back to the Elementor editor of our landing page.

Now, we have to place our form into our landingpage. Let’s place it at the bottom in place of We are Here box.

Right click on the pencil icon at top right of We are Here box and click on delete. Now that the box is deleted, drag the Shortcode element from the list and drop it just below the Working Hours box. Now, paste the Shortcode you copied there in the textbox on left and apply.

landing page using elementor

We have added a lead generation box at the bottom of our landing page. Update the page and see how it looks like.

See how we changed the look and feel of our last section of Landing Page- 

Screenshot of Landing page

When someone enters an email in the lead generation form and submit it. The Email will be stored into the database and can be shown in Rainmaker > Leads tab in dashboard.

Now that we understand how to create a Landing page and how to add forms using Elementor, it’s time to understand how can we enhance our page.

Step 6: Enhance our page using Icegram

Go to Icegram > Add New Campaign

For now, we use Action Bar. You can use any of the given options from list to practice. Pick any of the given options and click on Use this.

Icegram tools

You can customize the tool according to the requirement. For now, just set the Display Rules and click on Update.

Open the homepage and see how the Action bar looks like – 

Action bar

With the help of Icegram, you can enhance the capability of your landing page.

That’s it for the day. Stay updated for more.

You can easily build how quality landing page using elementor, which may generate visitors into customers.

landing page

Just create a post and open that post into elementor, select any template from elementor and than edit it yourself. For collecting leads use mailchip, rainmaker or any other plugin like that.

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