how to create bulk facebook accounts

How To Create Bulk Facebook Accounts 100% Working 2019

How to create bulk Facebook accounts, That’s super easy to create new Facebook accounts without any mobile number or gmail. it will take only 2 minute to create new Facebook account, you should create 100 accounts in A day easily in free of cost.

Why bulk Facebook accounts ?

Bulk account needs only when you are A Facebook marketer and Facebook banning your ads manager accounts everyday. so some marketers need some 5-7 ads manager account daily to running their ads and managing everything perfectly. now I’m going to share how to create bulk Facebook accounts without phone number or gmail id.

Note: use only it for legal purpose

How To Create Bulk Facebook Accounts

Follow these methods to create bulk Facebook accounts.

Open Google Chrome OR any other browser.

In my case, I’m using google chrome so you may open another browser too if your device has not installed chrome. also you should use these method to mobile.

How To Create Bulk Facebook Accounts 100% Working 2019 1

Now google chrome is opened.

Open Incognito mode in your browser

Incognito mode because it doesn’t store any old cookies or cache of any website, once you cut the incognito mode it will kill all the incognito tabs and everything which will be open in incognito. you may also call it safe tab. so just open it, check the snap how to open it.


click on three dots (I’m using google chrome so if you are too than click on that dots), than click on new incognito window.

How To Create Bulk Facebook Accounts 100% Working 2019 2

you may also use these shortcuts to open incognito mode in your browser.

  • Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS: Press Ctrl + Shift + n.
  • Mac: Press ⌘ + Shift + n.

Now Open Getnada And Facebook

Getnada is A website which providing temporary email’s in free of cost all live and real-time emails with custom names and 6 domains. few domains is blocked in Facebook but you may use other to create account. also open Facebook in new incognito tab with getnada.


When you can open it will generate first temporary mail address automatically, you should create new temporary mail to click on “Add Inbox“.

temp mail

Now copy the temp mail address.

copy temp email.

Now Open Facebook in new incognito tab

Create New Facebook Account Using temp mail

Now you have created temp mail and also Facebook is open in the new tab now fill the details to create Facebook account in bulk. details like:

How To Create Bulk Facebook Accounts
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Temp Email
  • New Password
  • DOB (Date Of Birth

Than click on sign up to create account.

Now Fill The Conformation Code

how to create bulk facebook accounts 2019

You will receive the conformation code in getnada your temp mail, just fill the code or you may also got the link for conformation Facebook account so you can confirm to using anything.

how to create bulk facebook accounts

After click on confirm OR putting the code your account can be confirmed.

You may also use VPN to create more Facebook accounts in bulk, this process will take only 2-4 minutes to create A new Facebook account so you may easily build daily 20-50 Facebook accounts.

You should use more temp mail services instead of getnada but I love it, because of interface and fast work!

Comclusion: In this post I have shared everything about creating bulk Facebook account in free of cost, and if someone offer this kind of services please don’t buy it would be illegal and yes use this method only for business purpose don’t harm to anybody. Hope you like it! don’t forget to share the post.

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