How to protect your kids online

How can we save kids from online Predator

Have you ever been afraid of your kids falling for strangers? Well, at this time of the digital era, you must. Your children maybe know it all, but they can fail in recognizing online fraud or predators. Their job is to disguise themselves in someone familiar and then take advantage of little kids to manipulate them. They can hide from kids, but parents have a sixth sense for the safety of their kids. So, it is hard for them to hide from an adult. Now, the problem is that your kids may not be sharing everything with you. Sometimes they are told to hide or other times they think you will not understand them.

To find out if your children are in a problem or not, you can easily spy on kids through the Mobile Spy App for Android known as TheOneSpy. The app is specially designed for parental control.

So, from now onwards, parents have nothing to worry about their children’s safety online. You can always keep a check on them and be aware of their activities.

How to protect your kids online?

First of all, you must keep an eye on their behavior and the devices that are in their use. It will help you know their developing interests and anything that is keeping them busy for hours on the mobile phone or system. Other things that you can do to prevent them are as follows:

Talk to them

It is important to keep the communication channel on. They need here your wisdom, your experience and learn the lessons. Moreover, make it go like a friendly conversation, so they can share their deepest fears or insecurities. This is the only way that you can reach them and their interests completely. Children are innocent but curious.

The information they are getting from a stranger has to be true and authentic which is rare. At this point, the parent plays a vital role and helps their kids identify the right, wrong and how to check the facts.

Install TheOneSpy in the device

The second best choice is to install the TheOneSpy app on the devices. It will be like an assistant to you. Your third eye in their online activities. You can monitor social media apps, limit their time of use or also block contacts that feel suspicious. Now, what are the common features of the app to help you with spying on your kid?

· Monitoring Social Media

The app has the feature to spy over all the social media apps including Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. You can easily read conversations, check out the details of media sharing and record all the interactions.

·  Spying the Calls

Call recording is the feature to help you in listening to conversations of the people and record their calls anytime. You can enable the feature so if you are offline, you can always listen to the conversations later.

· Recording of Surrounding

Surroundings visuals are also easy to get through this application. You can record the surroundings and know if your children are in safe surroundings or not. Kids love to be left alone with their friends, but parents need to ensure that they are in a safe and joyful company.

· Reading emails & text messages

The application will also allow you to read messages, sneak into emails and always be aware of the kind of data your kids are sharing or receiving. Read their text messages and you can decode someone’s bully easily and identify the predator that your kids might be unaware of.

· Bugging Camera or Microphone

Bugging the camera or microphone will allow you to listen to all the conversations and also record the surroundings to know the company of your kids. It can also help you to save your kids from predators on time. Moreover, you can be aware of your kids are being blackmailed or emotionally tortured by someone or not.


A single app to spy on a kid can save you from many troubles. So, if you want to keep your kids safe from online predators or bullies, make sure you install this app in their device. Reduce the playtime on devices and take out some time to talk to them and educate them for the horrors of life.