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Google My Business: To Increase Sales And Customer’s

Google My Business

Learn everything- In this post, I’m sharing to you.

How to add website/shop/store in google and google map.

What Is Google My Business

google my business

Google Business helping to increase our sales and customer’s to listing our store or website in google search engine also helping to improve our business goals to reaching out customers to us.

Google allowing us to adding our contact number for customer’s reaching out. and email, website and also offering a landing page for google indexing/listing.

Your listing appears right when people are searching for your business or businesses like yours on Google Search or Maps. Google Business makes it easy to create and update your listing—so you can stand out, and bring customers in.

What is Google Map

local marketing seo

Google map showing us our live location, and near by shops, medical, atm, banks and so many things, its totally free for all. helping us to reaching at correct place.

Google business adding our shop, company or everything. what ever we want to add in Google map.

How To Add Shop/Store/Website In Google

Google my business tutorial

Follow these steps to place your website in google search engine (google)

Step- 1


Google My Business

Click on Start Now or Sign in

Step- 2

Login Your Gmail Account

google webmaster

Now google business page will be open…

Step – 3

Your Business Details

Google my business setup

Fill Your Business Name (i.e. traffic solder)

Fill Your Business Location

Address of your office/shop/apartment where is located your business.

google my business

After Fill This > Next

Select Location In google map

Drag and zoom the map and position the marker on the exact spot where your business is located.

Drag and zoom the map and position the marker on the exact spot where your business is located.


Delivery area

How do you deliver goods and services to your customers?

google map

Pick and tick according to your business    

Choose Your Business Category

What kind of business do you run?


Your Contact Detail (optional)

for customers

google my business


Confirm Your Business

google my business setup


Address Verification

fill your address details to verify your business location on google map

google my business verify

Fill your contact name (they will sent you verification by postcard in post office) or do it later.

Note: Now you have need to verify it to fill your verification code. (which will be receive you by postcard)

Your Listing Is Updated In Google and Google Map

You Should Edit every Thing To Visit Here

Google My Business

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