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CPA Marketing- Strategy And Knowledge Make You Rich (Full Guide)

CPA Marketing ?

Have you heard about it?

Actually cpa marketing is affiliate marketing CPA known as cost per action it pays money on a action but what will be action ? so it would be- Lead, install, subscribe, verification and more…

And in this post you will gonna learn about cpa marketing and how to start it…

Here you need a goal and strategy for ROI (Return on investment) and better ROI you will get to attractive LP (landing page) However.

Let’s start…

What Is Cpa Marketing

cpa marketing guide

CPA is stand for Cost Per Action inside the “action” companies pay for leads, install, verification, subscription, credit card submit and more. so many modules inside the cpa marketing few payout modules example

CPI – Cost per install, when a referrer install application to our link so a install would be CPI.

CPC – Cost per click, when a person click on any banner or ad so a click would be CPC.

CPM – Cost per mille, 1000 visitor = 2$ here traffic value are calculate by country traffic and bid.

CPV – Cost per visit, advertiser pay when he needs visitors only a landing page.

PPC – Pay per click (like is cost per click) but different sound.

There is so many publishers and advertisers who doing cpa marketing and you should too.

Parts Of CPA Marketing

CPA Marketing- Strategy And Knowledge Make You Rich (Full Guide) 1

Publisher – If you are working with any cpa network/company and you are promoting their offers Like- Dating, multimedia, one click subscription and more. so you will be a publisher.

There is so many networks for CPA marketing where you should find ton’s of offers and generate good money.

I’m sharing networks below with their work and quality.

Advertising – If you are buying traffic or leads for any offer to connected with a cpa network and buying traffic to facebook ads, reddit, plugrush, more. so you will be a advertiser.

Lot of inventory is available in some advertising companies like – facebook, exolick, reddit and more. depend on niche and your landing page how it converting.

How To Start CPA Marketing ?

CPA Marketing

Why you are worried about lot of things ?

You know what ?

In the every network you will be experience these all things (same)

1. Mainstream

These is the category of offers. Mainstream has offers like – Videos, How To Make Money, Spin and win this kind of offers belongs to mainstream. and you can see almost cpa network has mainstream.

2. Adult

These is the category of offers. Adult has offers like – Hot girl, night club and so many 18+ offers because peoples converting it better to target at adult networks, and you should find adult offers in all cpa networks.

These 2 things are common in every CPA Network.

Now what you need to start CPA Marketing ?

  • A account in CPA Network
  • Budget (some $200)
  • Source of traffic
  • Selection of good offer
  • Tracker
  • Landing page (if you want to convert better)
  • Some knowledge

A account in CPA Network

You need have to create account in a network where you should get offers to make money and here i’m sharing some amazing cpa networks to whom you should work easily.

 1. Traffic Company

traffic company logo

I’m working with traffic company since 3 years and in my view it’s amazing for all because of best manager support, almost 14000+ offers, weekly payment, they has all own home-built offers (not to any 3rd party) live traffic and amazing dashboard.


  • Adult
  • Mainstream

Best things –

  • Support of personal manager
  • 14000+ offers
  • Direct offers and smart link
  • Payment on demand and weekly
  • So many payment gateway
  • Easily tracking
create account button images

2. YTZ

CPA Marketing- Strategy And Knowledge Make You Rich (Full Guide) 2

Tons of offers with good payout and this network is really very nice because of supportive managers and their work, every 15 day payment. asia, europe all kind of offers available killer landing page direct offers like – win i-phone x,  get new mobile and more. i’m working with YTZ since 2 years nice network.

Categories –

  • Mainstream
  • Adult

Best Things –

  • Personal Manager
  • 15 day payment
  • Custom tracking configuration
  • 18000+ live offers
  • Direct and smart link offers
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Budget only when than you don’t have any traffic source but if you any facebook page with good audience and you are thinking you should be convert better than you don’t have need any budget but if you not have any page or traffic source than you need at least $200 to start CPA Marketing. you will know below why and where you have to spend this $200 USD and how.

Learn More below.

Source Of Traffic

Source Of Traffic

Source is the main thing in the affiliate (cpa) Marketing because of converting, social media traffic always convert better than others because there you should get direct niche related traffic but in any website you are always not sure what kind of traffic is coming in to your offer.

So if you don’t have any source than here is the few network where to you should buy traffic in cheap prices.

1. Plugrush


Recently plugrush has launched new mainstream inventory before the mainstream, plugrush was the biggest adult traffic network in CPA marketing industry but now they has both and the main thing of plugrush is you should buy traffic in super cheap price starting with $ 0.250 = 1000 pop-up traffic it means you should get $1 = 4000 pop-up traffic here. depend on bid and targeting!

Targeting –

  • Niche
  • Carrier
  • Country
  • black list & white list
  • Tracking
  • Minimum campaign $5 only
  • Mainstream and adult both traffic
  • And so many more.

Best Thing –

  • Live bidding graph
  • Everything available
  • Start with only $10

Ad Type –

  • Desktop Native-ads
  • Desktop and mobile Native ads blind
  • Mobile and desktop redirect
  • Mobile and desktop pop-up
  • Ad-block Redirect
  • Banner
  • and more.
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2. Exoclick


If you want to buy traffic for adult offers than here is the tricky targeting select your budget $20 in a day make sure you have good selected offer (best in covert). create a campaign for banner ads 250 x 300 select only premium sites in website targeting section and wait until your $20 are spend. once you start getting conversions than create a white-list and paste source names (where to you are getting conversions) in white-list and now increase your bid double and budget too.

Targeting –

  • Niche
  • Carrier
  • Country
  • black list & white list
  • Tracking
  • Minimum campaign $10 only
  • Mainstream and adult both traffic
  • And so many more.

Best Thing –

  • Live bidding graph
  • Everything available
  • Start with only $200
  • Websites list
  • Premium adult sites

Ad Type-

  • Billboard Banner – 970×250
  • Email Clicks
  • Banner all ads
  • In-Stream
  • Mobile – 300×100
  • Mobile – 300×50
  • Native Ad
  • Popunders
  • Tab – Direct Link
  • Web Instant Message
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Selection Of Good Offer

CPA Marketing- Strategy And Knowledge Make You Rich (Full Guide) 3

Never go for CPS offer (cost per sale) or also not for credit card (CC) submit offers, first check the description and traffic allowed offer guidelines than pick a good offer, also ask to the manager for your selected offer and let them know about your source and how can send traffic to picked offer so manager will be tell you about offer and get you better one.

Best offers –

  • One click subcribe
  • Auto Subscribe
  • Carrier and wifi both
  • Register a account offer

Website Conversion Trackers


If you are working with affiliate marketing and you need to track conversions than here is list of top rated conversion trackers (for them you have to pay because of their work)

Ads Bridge

Ads Bridge

This one is since 2013 in the affiliate marketing industry and i would like to recommend because of management and live support, here you get free trial now.

Best things –

  • Live support
  • Tracking everything
  • 14 days trail
  • Better data optimization
  • Very reliable price to others
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cpa marketing

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Thrive Tracker


This one is also nice but you have to host in your hosting than you can be able to track conversions directly to your own website (very simple and easy management) live data tracking system and good tracker in affordable price. here you should get free trail to know work.

Best Things –

create account button images

Landing Page

landing page

Want to generate leads and need ton’s of conversions in case landing page is only thing which is super high convertible for conversions and leads so when you have good offer and traffic than drive that traffic on a landing page and that landing page will convert traffic in to conversions to be leverage.

if you have website in WordPress than don’t forget to read this post –

How to Create Landing Page For affiliate Marketing

Example of high converting landing page – Get SEO Course HERE

Just create a killer fast loading landing page start sending traffic to facebook ads, exoclick, plugrush and earn like a pro.

Focus on ROAS – Return on advertising spend.

Cpa Marketing

Some Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing


You need knowledge about Advertising, work and tracking. suppose if you don’t know anything than how you can setup tracking and get conversions. first learn everything about CPA (affiliate) Marketing.

Always first try to run campaign in Facebook ads (mainstream offer only) because you should get high quality traffic, leads, conversions to Facebook, instead of pop-up, redirect traffic.

Some thing magnetic is here

Build Strategy Like These –

First pick offer with payout $4 for each conversion, now create 2 campaigns in Facebook ad to same offer with 2 different landing pages and ad budget set $5 each day run that 2  campaigns for 2 days (as a testing and converting) purposes. so 2 day 2 campaigns each of budget for a day $5 so total spend would be $20.

Suppose now you got 150 clicks in $20 and 10 conversions so each of payout is $4 and you got 10 conversion. 4 x 10 = $40 and spend $20. total gained $20 (ROAS – 100% ) 2X.

Just do it, test it, scale it and Boom…

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