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15+ Content Optimization Techniques For SEO 2020

Boost your traffic through search engine and that’s all about content optimization. here is how you are treating the Google and a blog reader, content optimization task is for google (Here we need to write a post SEO friendly) checkout the latest guide for How to start a SEO business today.

In this post, you will gonna learn every single thing about content optimization techniques and how to optimize content for SEO.

Let’s start…

 What Are Content Optimization Techniques

 Content Optimization For SEO

This is the practice to boost the traffic through search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) with their understanding algorithms. every search engine crawling the web page 2 times in a day. so you may understand if google or another search engine see the value of your page so it will boost your ranking and traffic automatically but it’s possible when your content must be optimized. now what are content optimization techniques ?

 Content Optimization For SEO

Optimization Practices

Now let’s start the optimization with the screenshot’s so you may understand better.

15 Content Optimization Tips

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Out bound links

It is the biggest SEO factor for the trust authority your web page must have some out bound (external links) because when google crawl our web page so algorithms seem some value of our content that’s why out bound links should be necessary in web page.


 You can see this web page has external link and the post is ranked in top page of google for keyword “SEO” because of content value.

Internal Links

Every website using internal linking it helping us to keep user longer in website increasing the ranking of website because when user keep longer in our web page so CTR can give the good signal to google. also internal links helping to grow PR (page authority), that’s the reason internal links is necessary for higher ranking.

internal links

This all mentioned links is internal links that’s why Wikipedia pages are ranked top always.

Keyphrase in introduction

Introduce your keyword to users, what about you are sharing to people. example: marvel so introduce them history of marvel, what is marvel and everything which you think should be useful for the knowledge (related to your keyword).

Keyphrase in introduction

You can see example how to introduce keyword, depend on your niche and keywords share them according to your keyword.

Keyphrase length

Keyword should be target-able not like: hi, ok, gm, gn. it should be good in length example: lose weight tips OR WordPress free themes. note: select the keyword to do complete keyword research – monthly searches (volume), keyword difficulty (KD) and research everything for your niche related keyword.


Here is the example.

Keyphrase density

You have to check the density of target keyword make sure your post has not include 30-50 keywords in a single post it would be keyword stuffing and you may got penalty from the google search engine. use only 10-15 times in a web page but only when the post has more than 1000 words. otherwise only target 4-7 times in a post.

keyword target

Here you can see how I have targeted the keyword with the proper density.

keyword density

Keyphrase in meta description

It would be the big mistake if you forgot to add the keyword in description because meta keywords are not using in 2018 that was the previous time when we was using meta keywords. now everything is meta description so don’t forget to add the keyword in meta data.

keyword in description

Here is how I have added keyword in meta description.

Meta description length

Focus on it. when you will write the meta description more than 165 characters google won’t show it in the SERP, so don’t use more than 155-165 characters meta description to be best in content optimization.

Meta description length

Here is how SERP showing the result for this post.

serp my post

Previously used keyphrase

Make sure you don’t have the post where you have targeted the same keyword. Rule = New post > new keyword. never make A mistake to target previously used keyword it can hurt to google for getting the ranking. so if you target the same keyword than google can’t decide to whom it gives rank.

15+ Content Optimization Techniques For SEO 2020 1

Use yoast seo to check this all content optimization tips

Keyphrase in subheading

Keyword in subheading is the biggest seo ranking factor so don’t forget to add keyword in subheading. subheading should be H2, H3. when google can crawl the web page it can decide your targeted keyword to check the sub-headings.

headlines keyword targeting

You can see how keyword is targeted in H3 tag you may also add in H2.

Image alt attributes

ALT text is the big ranking factor so don’t forget to add alt attributes in post all images because your images are index in so when someone search for the any image (example: Cute dogs) so google showing it through websites also it can help you to create Backlinks.

Image alt attributes

Also add keyword in “alt text”

Text length

If you are sharing a post and you really want higher and top ranking in google than start writing the post minimum 1100 words. you may also get the higher rank but than you need super high authority proper anchor links to your web page. (note: minimum 300 words for get the rank and if keyword has high difficulty than minimum 1100 words with better and proper content optimization.

Text length

My few posts has more than 1100 words and I believe I can see ranking soon. 

Keyphrase in title

Title are H1 tag and only one H1 tag are allowed in post. start your post with the title and add the target keyword at the start of title so google can understand better your content. 

Content Optimization

Add the target keyword in the start of post title. so you can get the good ranking.

SEO title width

Focus on your post title because this is everything only it can be shown in google SERP and title does decide the user or user may decide the title so they can visit after reading title and the main thing make sure your title has 55-65 characters not more than to it. make it optimize and attractive!

Content Optimization

You can see the difference optimized and over optimized. so don’t use more than 65 characters in title tag, keep it short and google friendly.

Keyphrase in slug

You don’t know but small slug URL’s are google friendly and best in linking also you can remember it easily. so use your target keyword as the permalink. let me share the example of slug’s.


You can see the both of difference the optimized slug post is ranked at the 5th position and there over optimized post is ranked at 7th position.

Use Yoast SEO if you are using WordPress in your website. Yoast is the free plugin for content optimization for seo.

Advance tips for boost website traffic

Tip 1. I would like to recommend use google analytics tool for track visitors and figuring out visitors sources of traffic (from where they are coming) and than try to boost your ranking to understanding the main source.

Tip 2. Use webmaster tools to check website issues and understand better your organic traffic. Webmaster tools helping us to fix website issues too like (error pages, duplicate meta descriptions) showing us all keywords with positions for what we are ranked on search engines. check here guide: Webmaster Tutorial

This both is free tools by google.

However Now It’s Bonus time:

This single formula will boost your traffic through SERP 2X, so just follow it self tested!

Review Schema

Have you ever seen some websites has snippets like these and they are ranked always top in google ? do you know it’s super easy to add in to our post. I’m sharing trick with you.

This is the Review Schema you may add more in your website but google not updating others depend on content but I’m sure, once you do add this in your post so the next day you can see magic in SERP for your post.

New Update:

Edit your website posts every week and implement the on page content optimization those following methods which I have been shared in this post one more thing make your content corner stone with relevancy and more than 900 words.

How To Add Review Schema In WordPress Post 

Open your any post and now open the HTML section. than paste these script into your post.

<!-- JSON-LD markup generated by Google Structured Data Markup Helper. -->
<script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context" : "",
  "@type" : "Article",
  "name" : "Your Post Title Here",
  "author" : {
    "@type" : "Person",
    "name" : "Add Here Author Name"
  "datePublished" : "",
  "image" : "Your post Featured Image Link",
  "articleBody" : "Your post Article Few Lines Paste Here",
  "url" : "Paste Here post URL",
  "publisher" : {
    "@type" : "Organization",
    "name" : "Website Name paste here"
  "aggregateRating" : {
    "@type" : "AggregateRating",
    "ratingValue" : "8",
    "bestRating" : "8",
    "worstRating" : "3",
    "ratingCount" : "10"

Fill The mentioned things to add it in your post from HTML section. 

Note: Review Schema is only for posts do not add it in website homepage.

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