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Well downloading a movie is not as easy as you think. For the users who belong to non-IT background, it’s really really painful. But not anymore. I will guide you with the most easiest way for downloading any movie from a popular website Bolly4u.

Since the time piracy has started, downloading movies for free has become a challenge for most of the non-IT Internet users. Due to which many of us are not able to watch latest movies for months.

If you Google for a particular movie name to download it. Most of the time you give up in the middle of process due to hectic process. Clicking on download button on so many pages make us irritate and hence we think that it is impossible to download any movie. Or it might only be possible using torrent, but no, it is possible.

Steps To Download Movies From Bolly4u


Bolly4u is popular website to download most latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi, South, Pakistani movies and TV shows. You can easily download the movie which is released a day before from here.

As mentioned earlier, due to piracy sometimes the government blocks the domain. Thus, to make their users happy, Bolly4u developers change the domain name. So, get ready and just proceed with these simple steps to download any movie you want.

Note: If you are facing issue in opening bolly4u use VPN Learn the post: how to access blocked websites.

Step By Step Bolly4u Movies Download

Steps 1

Google this word – ‘bolly4u’ and click on the first result you see. The current link for the website is – If someday government blocks this link, you can just google the name and enter the first result.

Step 2

There are three ways to download your movie –

1. You can navigate to any of the category from the navigation menu.

Navigation Menu

2. You can click on any of the given thumbnails of movies from Recent Videos.

Recent Videos

3. You can search for your movie from the search box here.

Search Movies

Step 3

After the selection of your choice, when you click on any of the movie name or thumbnail, a popup may open. Close the popup as it is an advertisement which will mislead you somewhere else. Click again on the same movie name or thumbnail will now redirect you to movie description page.

Movie description

In the description, you can read the ratings, genre, star cast, language, story line and you can also see the screen prints of movie.

Step 4

There are three ways to download movie, you can download the Torrent File and open it in utorrent or bittorrent application or click on any of the other options – High Speed Links and Download Links.

Let’s go with High Speed Links. Click there. If a popup opens with website name other than –, close the tab and click on the button again.

High Speed Links

Step 5

Now, Click on unlock links

Unlock Links

Links will be appeared as follows – 

Unlocked Links

Mega up is the fastest website among all of them. Click on megaup link.  Though you can click on any link.

After clicking, a new page opens which suggest to wait 5 seconds to let the download button appear. Click on the download button.

Mega up

Click on download button. Again a new popup may open, close it immediately and re-click on download now button. And we are done. Your movie will start downloading.

What if file is not available?

It might happen that the file is removed from one of those links. At that moment, go with another link. The basic thing you need to remind is to close the popup on first click to any button or hyperlink.

If none of the High Speed Links works, you can go with Download Links. Bolly4u provides many facilities which is convenient for every user.

If you go with Download Links, you can unlock following links from there – 

Download Links

I would recommend you to go with because of it’s speed.


Click on the download button and close the popups. It will ask to wait for 5 seconds and then click on Free Download button and done, the download will begin.

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