Emuparadise: Best Alternatives Websites To Download ROMs

Emuparadise is one of the oldest website, serving users to download ROMs for more than 50 platforms. It is called as the biggest Retro gaming website on earth. You could find emulators for different operating systems to play games of different platform. Not only ROMs, but they also had a huge collection of ISOs files there. Huge games such as PS2, PC and PSP games could be found there. But it seems like Emuparadise has removed almost all of it’s ROMS from it’s server.

Why Emuparadise removed it’s content?

In August, 2018, Emuparadise announced that it would not offer it’s vast ROMs library to it’s users. Its because most of it’s content is developed by Nintendo and Nintendo does not want any one to sell ROMs and ISOs free of cost to the users.


Few weeks ago, Nintendo also hit loveROMS.com and loveRETRO.co with a massive lawsuit. The two sites were massive distributors of Nintendo ROMs, and Nintendo is asking for $150,000 in statutory damages per hosted game and $2 million for each trademark infringement that is a huge loss for their owners. It also wants permanent injunctions on both the sites, ownership of the domain names and source records on where all of the ROMs were downloaded from.

Emuparadise was also in the gray area and the founder of it had fear of being sued by Nintendo. Because of that, they announced their closing to all of their users. Still, there are many sites on the Internet where you can download ROMs for free.

12 Best Alternatives of Emuparadise

1. CoolROM

Access Here: CoolROM


CoolROM is the largest retro gaming resource on the net. They have thousands of ROMs and the emulators to play those games in your devices. Most of the games have screenshots available for user convenience. If you are new with ROMs world, you can follow their tutorial and play games. It is one of the best alternative of Emuparadise. You can download, as well as play any game online, without any capcha, survey or registration.

2. RomsMania

Access here: RomsMania


RomsMania has the biggest collection of ROMs like CoolROM. It is another best alternative of Emuparadise. It has ROMs for 15 different platforms and millions of ROMs are available. You can also download BIOS for GBA, PSX and PCSX2 here. Their servers are extremely fast and the content is updated periodically. You cannot play any game online here, but download anything for free without need of registration.

3. My Abandonware

Access here: My Abandonware

 My Abandonware

My Abandonware is one of the best alternative of LoveROMs. More than 14000 games are available here. You can discover rare 80’s games and get immersed with classics from the 90’s. The games from 1978 to 2019 are available here. Games for the platforms Amiga, Apple II, ColeCovision, Dragon 32/64, Game Gear, Genesis, Linux, MAC, PC, SEGA, Windows and ZX are available to download as well as to play online.

4. Romulation

Access here: Romulation


Romulation is serving users to download ROMs since 2004. Their servers are extremely fast. They also provide tutorial that help you to know how to use ROMs and play classic games in your device. You can download ROMs for Nintendo, Sony and SEGA games from here. They also have a broad community in Slack. To download limitless from here, you can also purchase premium subscription. Since, they offers ROMs at premium level, they are safe, unlike Emuparadise.

5. The Old Computer

Access here: The Old Computer

The Old Computer

The Old Computer is serving more than 6,00,000 ROMs with the database size of 5300 GB. They gives access to the ROMs of total 594 platforms till now. Not only ROMs, you can also access to Game Music Library, Game Manuals and many more by simply registering there. Their community is also as vast as their database. You can find their community on Social media as well as on Discord.

6. ROMs & Emulators

Access here: ROMs & Emulators

ROMs & Emulators

ROMs & Emulators gives you the access to download free ROMs Emulators for NES, SNES, 3DS, GBC, GBA, N64, GCN, SEGA, PSX, PSP and More. With a proper description and ratings on each file, You can download any game at ease. They also provide you the BIOS to play games on different gaming consoles.

7. LoveROMs

Access here: LoveROMs


LoveROMs is a popular site for downloading as well as playing Classic video games online. It provides gaming consoles for users to play game and act as an emulator for several types of games such as GBC games, GBA games, PSP games, PSX games, Nintendo games, Sega games and more. LoveROMs and LoveRetro are two popular sites which recently got shutdown as Nintendo sued them for offering free downloads to ROMs with copyright content.

8. Dope ROMs

Access here: Dope ROMs

Dope ROMs

Dope ROMs is an interactive archive collection of retro video games. Like other sites, you can download ROMs and Emulators for 50+ different platforms. For user convenience, they also provide some tools that helps you to extract and run ROMs on your device easily. Their servers are also fast and no need to signup or fill survey before downloading any file.

9. ROMNation

Access here: ROMNation


ROMNation is one of the oldest ROM providers, serving users for the last 20 years. The content is updated regularly here. The collection of ROMs and Emulators is wide to download from a broad categories of classical games. You might get advertisement popups on clicks, but still they gives access to thousands of ROMs free of cost.

10. Royal Roms

Access here: Royal Roms

Royal Roms

RoyalRoms.com has a database collection for classic games, or more commonly known as ROM games. These classic games or ROMs contain the game software code that can be downloaded and loaded on emulators for different operating systems. Emulators are software that act like the original game consoles and can read the specific ROMs, and thus allows you to play ROMs on your favorite devices such as Windows PC, Mac or Android devices. RoyalRoms offers a beautiful interface with a stable catalog of ROMs to download. You can also download BIOS from there. There is no ad, popup, survey or registration need to download any ROM.

11. Gamulator

Access Here: Gamulator


Gamulator is a beautiful website for downloaading ROMs and Emulators. They have emulators compatible with Windows, Linux, MAC, XBOX, PSP, Symbian and linux. This is the unique feature of Gamulator, unlike any other website. You can download ROMs based on 50+ different gaming consoles, as well as through category of games. They have their own blog where you can find information about latest ROMs and game editions.

12. ROM Hustler

Access here: ROM Hustler

ROM Hustler

ROM Hustler gives you access to most popular ROMs in the Internet. Popular games such as God of War, Pokemon and Final Fantasy can be found here with variety of languages and emulators. You can play game in any operating system. They are affiliate partners with many other ROM providers, which makes the trust with users, that they provide only pure content. It is the finest source of ROMs, you can find in the Internet.

Note: If you are having issue while suffering any alternate site of Emuparadise you can use VPN too.

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