Conversion And Website Visitor Tracking

Best Conversion And Website Visitor Tracking Tools Free And Paid

Conversion And Website Visitor Tracking

In this post.

I’ll share with you all free and paid useful website tracking tools for marketing

What Is Tracker In Marketing

Tracker will help us to identify source of visitors/user (from where they visiting in our website/landing page) and showing all activities and taken action by visitor in website.

Tracker also helping to improve our website performance and also helping to growing sales, conversions, leads and more things.

You should convert all website visitors in to customer’s and leads to figuring out analytics of your website.

Helping to improve and increase

CTR : Click Through rate

Bounce Rate



And More…

Conversion And Website Visitor Tracking

1. Google Analytics 

Conversion And Website Visitor Tracker Tools

83% Websites using google analytics because its free and best to track ctr, bounce rate, source of traffic/visitor. showing us which page/post has low bounce rate mean where people’s staying long to reading posts.

Real time tracking.

2. Matomo (piwik tracker)

conversion tracking tools

This is open source tracker. it’s free of cost and you have need to host in your website. it can track your website overall activity also has system to track conversions.

Recently they launched GDPR Feature.

Real time tracking.

Download For WordPress

Conversion And Website Visitor Tracking

3. Voluum

conversion tracking tools

This one tracker using by top affiliate marketers. if you are working with click funnels and cpa marketing then this one tracker is smashed. when it comes to conversion tracking then voluum is top rated.

Real time tracking

Use custom domain always (recommend)

4. Thrive tracker

conversion tracking tools

Thrive tracker is self hosted paid conversion tracker tool. best for affiliate marketing. it can track every thing. you have need to setup it yourself in your website.

They getting 30 days free trail

Paid Tool By

5. AdsBridge

conversion tracking tools

Adsbridge is also amazing tool for tracking conversions and sales. mostly affiliate marketers using adsbridge tracker.

They getting trail to use in free.

It’s Paid Tool By AdsBridge

Conversion And Website Visitor Tracking

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