Best Ad Blocker For Android

6 Best Ad Blocker For Android: Good bye popup 2019

You always facing issue with popup’s/native display ads in your android phone but you are to success to block them.

Today i’m sharing to you.

Best Ad Blocker For Android

Which can make your mobile fully risk free to virus and pop-ups, you have need to only install them in your android mobile.

Best Ad Blocker For Android

Ad Blocker For Android 2019

It will help you to keep your information safe and it can block all ads which may affect to your mobile. to auto downloading spurious applications  Like : 9apps !

  • keep secure your android phone to install Android Ad Blocker in your mobile.

Also if you are facing ads issue during watching a video this ad block can block all native display ads.

Best Ad Blocker For Android

1. ABP – Ad-block Plus

abp adblock

A Helpful Tool to have onboard. I use it on the Windows PC platform too. It helps chop those monotonous pesky advts that strangles and slows the loading of webpages to a painful crawl.

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2. Adblock Fast

Adblock Fast

Best one I’ve used, stops the annoying Google ads ECT. Got real sick of going through the settings & constantly turning the ads off. & still there kept pooing up. This app definitely works.

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3.  Adguard Content Blocker

6 Best Ad Blocker For Android: Good bye popup 2019 1
Best Ad Blocker For Android

It’s only support Samsung browser and Yandex browser, but it works amazing! it has over 13,400 reviews some is below 4 stars because it doesn’t support some browsers. if you have Samsung browser or yandex too. then install it now.

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4. Virus Cleaner ( Hi Security )

Virus Cleaner ( Hi Security ) - Antivirus, Booster

This app is so great. It cleans my device in SECONDS. I would most definitely recommend this to someone who wants to quickly clean there device, or gets read of viruses. Plus it cleans storage giving your device even MORE SPACE then before. Best cleaning app and anti virus remover ever.

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5. Malware Bytes 

Malwarebytes Security: Virus Cleaner, Anti-Malware

It offers one of the best free anti malware services out there. I never felt like this app intruded on anything i was doing, which is something a lot of anti malware and anti virus programs have in common. malware bytes also available for PC.

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6. WebGuard

Best Ad Blocker For Android


– Block all advertising

– Firewall- Increased the anonymity of the Internet by hiding real IP Address and possibility to choose the country of exit to the Internet (currently available few: Germany, France)

– Blocks video ads in a popular video services (Youtube)

– Speeds up the download websites and saves money by compressing traffic, ad blocking, other technologies.

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