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Best 100% Working Backlink Checker Script PHP 2019

There is so many developers who trying to develop own backlink checker script but now that’s very hard to do here you have to crawl every indexed web-page. Backlinks are identified by bot. If you want to develop own bot than you have to invest thousands of dollars so wouldn’t recommend it.

In this post I’m going to share with you self-hosted PHP based backlink checker tool you can grab 25000 links monthly with this script in free of cost. So I believe, this backlink checker script can be helpful to find local competitors external links in free (to be leverage)!

What Is Backlink ?

When A web page links to any other page it is called Backlink. (Eaxmple: linked with Backlink is also known as external link, There is two types of Backlink: Do-follow and No-follow.

Structure of Do-Follow Backlink

<a href="">Website</a>

Structure of No-Follow Backlink

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Website</a>

Do Follow Backlink helping us to improve website indexing, keyword ranking, referral traffic, domain authority, page authority even if we talk about No follow link so it only helping us to improve Domain authority, page authority and getting referral traffic.

What Are Requirements For Creating Backlinks Checker Script ?

Here you need only few things

  • Website Hosting
  • MOZ Account
  • Little Knowledge

Website Hosting: If you want to make backlink checker tool for public you can also use xampp to check your website backlinks, in this backlink checker script doesn’t need to create any database just upload given script in your server and update MOZ api learn more below.

MOZ Account: Yes because you can MOZ api to get backlinks data (this is necessary for backlink checker script) for your acknowledgment MOZ given us 25000 requests in free of cost, so you can check monthly 25000 Backlinks in free of cost. learn more below!

Little Knowledge: Here you need knowledge about hosting, xampp because this is not plugin for WordPress, it takes some knowledge for make it live also here you need to change MOZ api so little knowledge is necessary for make it live, learn more below everything!

Download Here Backlink Checker Script PHP

1st download this given Backlink checker php script and upload it in your server (if you don’t know how to upload it?) learn below more!

Note: This script take some seconds to get backlinks data minimum you can check 25 backlinks in 13 seconds. maximum 250 links recommend at once

Open Hosting Services

website hosting login

If you don’t know than ask about it to your developer and login your account! Hosting mean in simple word storage. it allow our website to accessible via world wide web server. hosting services allow us to host our website and website data files and media’s like: videos, photos, zip files, php, html and all language’s to whom our websites are built.

Now go to services and than client area

Can find this all sections in your web hosting services.

website in hosting services

Than open File Manager From Below Shortcuts

After opening the services section you can see cpanel or shortcuts you can open file manager from cpanel and shortcuts both.

file manager

Visit In Pulic_html

After visiting into file manager there you can see so many directories so now just visit in public_html.

public html

Upload Backlinks Checker php script

There from the header section open upload section to upload backlink checker script. you can also create directory if you want to install the script in any custom directory otherwise it can be extract in “link-metrics” directory.

backlink checker script

Now extract the backlink checker script

After uploading the script come at uploaded script and now tap right click on it you can see so many options like: rename, move so there you do click on “extract”

backlink checker php script

Done script is uploaded now! you can check to open it like this: if you have changed path than open your! but script not gonna work because still you have to update your MOZ Api.

How To Get Moz API ?

Without Moz API (Application Programming Interface) you won’t get backlinks data, you can check 25000 backlinks in A month free of cost I believe it’s nice to find local competitors backlinks but in this backlink checker script there is a single restriction about time (if you can get data of 200 backlinks at once It may take 1-2 minutes for enumerating backlinks data so that’s it. now how to get Moz Free API ?

Open MozScape Access

Now you have to sing up here using email just enter your email, display name and set password than click on “create an account” now you will receive conformation mail so just verify it! if you already have moz account than just login here!


Copy And Note Your API Credentials

Note your API credentials: Access ID, Secret Key because now you have to set it into Backlink checker script to make it working. Here’s how it looks:

Moz Api Key

Copy it, Done! now we have to add this API’s into processing.php inside the uploaded script. now come back at hosting server for changing API’s to run Backlink checker tool properly, check the screenshot to understand how!

change processing.php

Now come at 75th line for changing Access ID and Secret Key.

moz api set

Save the file and run the script again!

How To Check Backlinks ?

Everything is setup perfectly, now you can test the script open – if you have uploaded script in any other path (directory) than enter there OR by default just visit into given path and than enter competitor domain name to check the backlinks data. like these:

backlink checker php script

By default it can check 25 backlinks if you want to check 200 baclinks of competitor website than change the volume of row section enter there 200. As I said before it takes some time to provide data of backlinks so when you can click on RUN it will fetch the backlinks from Moz’s server and after some seconds you should download report in .CSV format.

backlink checker script

Note: Do not cut OR refresh this page until it loads automatically

Once it complete you should download there report. like these!

backlinks checker tool free

Showing accurate data and as I want, you can use it for free now, here is not only backlinks data you can check much more things with this script! I hope you like.

Note: Only use it for commercial use, Do not sell this script.

Here is – Demo

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