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How To Access Blocked Websites (If You Are Not Able To Open Them) 2019

Here is something totally amazing

Some times we’re unable to open any website due to government restrictions or ISP (internet service provider) restrictions and maybe few times school, collage restrictions. So this thing is totally different it’s all about IP (Internet Protocol) banning.

But in this post you will gonna learn some amazing – blocked website access hacks or previous website posts, pages hookup.

Let’s start…

First Know what is the basics


What is IP

Access Blocked Websites hide ip
Access Blocked Websites

IP is stand for Internet Protocol. IP work is to deliver packets from the source host to destination host.

There are so many things Like –

  • Carrier 
  • Proxy (connection)
  • Server
  • Website hosting Server

The first major version of IP, Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4), is the dominant protocol of the Internet. Its successor, Internet Protocol Version 6 IPv6, has been growing in adoption for the last years, reaching almost 20% of the Internet traffic as of April, 2018

Source – wikipedia

How To Access Blocked Websites

Here is some ways to access any website which is blocked by Government, school, collage, ISP or more.

Use VPN – Virtual Proxy Network

VPN will allow you to access any blocked websites because it can connect your IP to another location Like Government is from dubai and they has banned DEU (dubai carrier) only so VPN will gonna connect you to USA so that carrier and IP will be unblocked for you.

How To Use VPN

If you are chrome and computer user and you have to access any website than here is some recommend free extensions for chrome (PC users)

Touch VPN

This one is top rated free virtual proxy network for google chrome, and it has over 50000 five-star ratings

Just click here to download it

touch vpn
Access Blocked Websites

Hola VPN

This is massive one, it has more than 300000 Five-starts rating and i’m strongly recommend it to you. it can get you access of any blocked websites.

Just download it from here and install into your chrome

Access Blocked Websites

Here is some more VPN for google chrome these all can do the same work.

How To Access Blocked Websites In Mobile

We’re using mobile phone more than to computers and laptops (nowadays).

And there is so many tools for unblocking websites on play store.

Here is some highly recommend VPN for mobile and way access blocked websites in mobile learn how…

Turbo VPN

Top rated and best for any android mobile. i love watching online movies but almost websites are blocked and they shown look the snap –

website banned

Or sometimes 

We facing issue like this –

not able to access website

How to access them in mobile ?

Download and Install Turbo VPN Now 

Access Blocked Websites free
Access Blocked Websites

After installation open turbo vpn

  • Go to > earth symbol at the top (right side)
  • Select any other country
  • Wait for 30 seconds til it connect 
  • And open any blocked website again or refresh.

Touch VPN Android

This is the same the turbo vpn and working extract same.

best vpn
Access Blocked Websites
  • Free
  • Secure 
  • Unlimited

Here you should download it

Now here is something amazing

If any website is now closed and you want to see what was before inside the website and how it was looking and everything but now that website is no more. than how to know and access it ?

WayBack Machine

This tool saving almost websites to crawling them, it has total 335 saved web pages and the main thing is it’s free everyone can access it and hook-up previous data of website. (only for saved)

Just open > this tool 

wayback machine

Just enter the website name and press enter

Example i want to look data for a torrent website it was –

Access Blocked Websites 2018 was saved 33 times in wayback machine between 5 jan 2017 to 9 aug 2018.

Look here how it was looking in 9 jan 2017

Access Blocked Websites

The way back machine is totally amazing and best tool when it comes to know history and data of any website.

Access Blocked Websites

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