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3 Ways – How To Reactivate Facebook Ad Account 2019

Still my 12 Facebook advert account gone flagged/ban and 7 re-active.

In this post,

I’m going to share with you – how to reactivate Facebook ad account

Ok but why your advert account happen flagged ?

Might be it’s happen because –

  • Policy violation
  • Adult ads
  • Unusual activity (logged using VPN)
  • Thumbnail issue
  • You was sharing data 
  • Selling products without license
  • Your landing page has adult words
  • Landing page has pop-up ads
  • Your campaign image is blur
How To Reactivate Facebook Ad Account
How To Reactivate Facebook Ad Account

You are not only one who facing ad account flagging issue 

There is so many marketers who is facing this issue and Facebook doing because few months ago a company has sold million users of data read here so 1st Facebook got penalty and A case. than European government launched GDPR because of data security. Facebook needs totally fresh and white-hat legal ads/marketers. still here is so many peoples who running ad campaigns doing CARDING and they selling ad accounts to others in low prices. Facebook has total 4.7 million marketers (including – Black-hat and white-hat).

ts to others in low prices. Facebook has total 4.7 million marketers (including – Black-hat and white-hat).

How to reactivate facebook ad account

Get the real way

Appeal To Facebook

You don’t know how to reach out to Facebook support stuff ?

Open Facebook and Login your id

Now just open – this form

Now you can see these options –

how to reactivate facebook ad account
how to reactivate facebook ad account

This is your account > select > Yes


Select your advert account which one you want re-active

facebook ads
how to reactivate facebook ad account


You have to write a simple and short paragraph for appeal Like these –

Hello, I don’t know but before my all ads and advert account was active, but now Facebook has flagged my advert account, honestly I don’t know what i did mistake, my all ads was related to my business please review and re-active my account. if my any ad was against Facebook policies than i believe it’s my mistake. Thank You!

Send them, i hope they can re-active your ad account otherwise you should try second way.

Live Contact with support stuff

This way is really helpful and easy.

Might be it’s not available for every account and every countries but you should try

Follow these process –

Login your account

Now open contact form – Here

Fill the form and start chatting with Facebook supporter

How To Unblock Ad Account 2018
how to reactivate facebook ad account

Share every single thing with supportive stuff and tell them your problem clearly so they can help you better and solving your issue properly.

Disabled Account And Payment Form Appeal

This is last method to re-active disabled facebook advert account. 

Follow these processes –

Login your Facebook Account

Now Open This – Form

Here you have to submit everything and almost thing is mandatory to fill

How To Unblock Ad Account latest
how to reactivate facebook ad account

How to fill this form to reactive disabled advert account ?

Is this your account –


Advertiser Account ID –

select which one you have to reactive

Which of these payment methods have you added/tried to add to your account –

Select your payment method

Are you the owner of the financial instrument on file –

Yes (if you’re)

Who is the owner of the financial instrument? –

If you are not than select any one to listed

Owner’s first and last name –

fill the full name of ad account owner

Owner’s email address –

don’t forget to add email you will receive further response here 

Briefly describe why you are using their payment method –

Fill this field

Have you tried to purchase any Facebook ads? –


Please provide a brief explanation of your current advertising campaign –

explain them about your work and ads niche.

Have you noticed any irregular spend or purchase activity on your Facebook account? –


Is your current location different from the billing country of your payment method? –

select yes if that’s different one

Your current location –

select your location to fill city name

Payment method billing country –

select your country

Please provide a copy of of your government-issued, photo ID. This ID must:

Make sure your name and everything is same at the advert account i mean they matches to your information

You can send them these government-issued documents

  • Birth certificate
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Marriage certificate
  • Official name change paperwork
  • Personal or vehicle insurance card
  • Non-driver’s government ID (ex: disability, SNAP card, national ID card, pension card)
  • Green card, residence permit or immigration papers
  • Tribal identification or status card
  • Voter ID card
  • Family certificate
  • Visa
  • National age card
  • Immigration registration card
  • Tax identification card

Now submit your application, they will get you response in Support inbox under 2 days. 

Good luck hope they can unblock your advert account

Facebook advertising is really helpful and easy to others that’s why we’re sharing with you this post!

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